Modern Love in 13 Words: Pandemic Edition


Colleen Conradi

A few years ago, I asked a group of college students to define their love life in 13 words. I received stories of heartbreak, love, lust, and more. Now, we have come back to some of those students, in addition to some new contributors, to define their pandemic love lives in 13 words. Here’s what we got:

“Outdoor sex at a botanical garden, shroom trips, and driving down Highway 1.” — Morgan, Santa Rosa Junior College

“Unfortunately, he’s fictional or twice my age and doesn’t know I exist.” — Natalie, UC San Diego 

“Searching for the one on Zoom but no one turns their camera on.” — Jack, UC San Diego

“Love first, Love true, Love burst, Love lost, Lessons learned, And soul tempered.” — Anonymous, UC San Diego

“I guess love is two people perpetually passing up opportunities due to anxiety.” — Hanaa, UC San Diego

“My still butterflies flutter because of you & now I can’t stop smiling.” — Air, UC San Diego

“I resisted asking him to be my boyfriend … until I couldn’t resist.” — Jia-hui, UC San Diego

“I don’t know how long I can keep swiping on Tinder. Send help.” — Bradley, UC San Diego

“Facebook messenger and a postponed date that might never happen with the rona.” — Anonymous, UC San Diego

“Used him for free meals and free rides. He was cool I guess.” — Priscilla, UC San Diego

“Our distance grew because of the pandemic, but our love drew us closer.” — Morgan, UC Irvine

“He left me his red hoodie for the nights I can’t see him” — Declan, Maryland Institute College of Art

Artwork courtesy of Andrew Diep for The UCSD Guardian