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Serving thousands of readers weekly via a print edition and online at www.ucsdguardian.org, The UCSD Guardian is the University of California, San Diego’s award-winning independent student newspaper, published by UCSD students for the UCSD community. We publish in print on Mondays during the regular academic year, with the exception of Summer Sessions, University holidays, and final examinations. The Guardian is a student-run department independently funded by advertising sales.

Our 2022-23 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief | [email protected]
Jocelyn Brossia

Managing Editor | [email protected]
Raymond Tran

News Editor | [email protected]
Nilou Shahbandi

Opinion Editor | [email protected]
Aishwarya Mitra

Features Editors [email protected]
Eunice Kim & Oishee Misra

Arts & Entertainment Editor [email protected]
Hector Arrieta

Lifestyle Editor [email protected]
Bradley Beggs

Sports Editor | [email protected]
Donovan Perez Schipper

Chief Copy Editor | [email protected]
Marjorie Pradhan

Photo Editor [email protected]
Millie Root

Design Editor | [email protected]
Reyana Menon & Andrew Pan

Art Editor | [email protected]
Ava Bayley

Web Editor  | [email protected]

Multimedia Editor
 | [email protected]

Data Visualization Editor [email protected]
Ifunanya Okoroma

Marketing Directors | [email protected]
Alexander Olsen & Ava Beisenstein

Advertising Director | [email protected]

Business Manager
Sarah Almado

Page Layout
Alfredo Vilano

Copy Readers
Sophia Hinds, Elise Jonas-Delson, Marjorie Pradhan, Ella Say

*Full staff list available upon request

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