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About Us

Serving thousands of readers weekly via a print edition and online at, The UCSD Guardian is the University of California, San Diego’s award-winning independent student newspaper, published by UCSD students for the UCSD community. We publish in print on Mondays during the regular academic year, with the exception of Summer Sessions, University holidays, and final examinations. The Guardian is a student-run department independently funded by advertising sales.

The Guardian’s print issues are currently suspended for Summer, but we will return with regular content at the beginning of Fall Quarter. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief for any urgent matters.


Our 2023-24 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief | [email protected]
Raymond Tran

Managing Editor | [email protected]
Alexander Olsen

News Editor | [email protected]
Kaitlin Lee

Opinion Editor | [email protected]
Marcella Barneclo

Features Editor [email protected]
Vivian Dueker

Arts & Entertainment Editors [email protected]
Kamiah Johnson & Xuan Ly

Lifestyle Editor [email protected]
Bradley Beggs

Sports Editor | [email protected]
Kurt Johnson

Chief Copy Editor | [email protected]
Elise Jonas-Delson

Photo Editor [email protected]
Millie Root

Design Editors | [email protected]
Adalia Luo & Sonia McSwain

Art Editor | [email protected]
Ava Bayley

Multimedia Editor
 | [email protected]
Emily Ito

Data Visualization Editor [email protected]
Ifunanya Okoroma

Marketing Director | [email protected]
Ava Beisenstein

Advertising Director | [email protected]
Sydney Huynh

Webmasters | [email protected]
Sarah He, Thomas Murphy


Business Manager
Vanessa Vasquez

Page Layout
Alfredo Vilano



*Full staff list available upon request, or be viewed here.


Comment Policy 

The UCSD Guardian is committed to defending free speech and encouraging discussion in our comments. Submitted comments will first be screened by The Guardian before being posted publicly to verify if the comment is overly prejudiced, spam, obscene, mean-spirited, or an unwarranted personal attack. If the comment is determined to primarily hold these qualities, it may not be approved to be posted. Further, if the comment is written by an unidentifiable individual (email is not verified and/or clear alias is used), the comment may also be denied. In general, The Guardian leans towards lenience; however, if your comment is found to be purely in bad faith towards creating or engaging in meaningful dialogue by the outlined standards, it will not be approved. A comment’s approval or lack thereof does not reflect The UCSD Guardian’s position on the comment’s argument.

Please be patient with us, as your comment may be approved after a short delay. If you have urgent concerns about your comment, you may contact the Managing Editor.

Anonymity Policy

The UCSD Guardian may grant anonymity to sources if the information is direct knowledge, deemed vital to report, and only available under conditions requiring anonymity. Editor’s Notes shall accompany any article with an anonymous source to briefly outline the particular conditions of anonymity. Questions or concerns regarding the authenticity or accuracy of anonymous material should be brought to our attention immediately. 

Submission Policy

The UCSD Guardian accepts guest op-ed submissions. Guest writers may submit an op-ed draft that they wish to publish through The Guardian without applying to be a writer; however, we reserve the sole discretion to decide if a reader submission will be published with stated reason. If accepted, these submitted pieces will also be subject to the same rigorous editing process by our editor team as all of our pieces to ensure its quality, its ethicality, and that it provides a valid basis from which speech can be engaged. The Guardian seeks to publish diverse and well-informed perspectives relevant to the UCSD community. We will not publish any pieces that are unoriginal, duplicated, reprinted, copied, or otherwise reproduced. If interested, please submit your piece to [email protected] and [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Submission.”  

Letter to the Editor Policy

The UCSD Guardian welcomes the feedback, criticism, and continued dialogue of our readers in the form of letters to the editor. Letters must be signed with your full name, entirely original, sourced, typewritten or neatly handwritten, and should not exceed 500 words. If they exceed this length, they may not be printed in their entirety. All letters may be subject to minimal edits for style consistency and clarity. The Guardian reserves the right to withhold publishing a letter if it is determined to be written in bad faith and/or levies attack at any individuals without valid justification and documentation. Please email your letter to [email protected] with your piece and if applicable, the author(s) and/or piece(s) to which the letter is directed.

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Every Monday for 30 issues per year, The UCSD Guardian’s print and online issues connect you directly with thousands of students, faculty, and staff. Contact us today to discuss your best marketing options or ask questions about our coverage.


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2 Marketing Office [email protected]  
3 Advertising Office [email protected] (858) 534-0466
4 Business Manager   (858) 534-6845
5 Webmaster [email protected]  
6 News Editor [email protected]  
7 Opinion Editor [email protected]  
8 Features Editor [email protected]  
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10 A&E Editor [email protected]  
11 Sports Editor [email protected]  
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