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Who We Are

The UCSD Guardian is the University of California at San Diego’s award-winning independent student newspaper, published by UCSD students for the UCSD community. We publish Mondays during the regular academic year, with the exception of summer session, university holidays and final examinations. The Guardian is a student-run organization funded by advertising sales. We hire on a rolling basis. Inquire about openings with the appropriate editor or send any general questions you may have to [email protected].

Currently Seeking:
Designers/Page Layout
Illustrators (staff illustrators, cartoonists, etc)
Ad Representatives 

We accept applications throughout the year on a rolling basis and business positions only when advertised. For business positions not listed under current openings, we may retain your application for future openings. For all work-related inquiries, please email [email protected].

To Apply:

We accept applications on a rolling basis during the academic year, and positions may be filled at any time without notice. Please note that you must be eligible to work in the U.S., a registered student at UC San Diego (undergrad or graduate), and pay UC registration fees for each quarter working at The UCSD Guardian. All entry-level positions are unpaid unless denoted otherwise. Editors are paid a weekly stipend and advertising representatives are paid on a commission model. Distributors are paid hourly.


Editorial Positions
The editorial side puts together the paper that brings you the news — editors, writers, photographers, print layout designers, illustrators/cartoonists and copy readers. All editorial positions are unpaid.

Design: Hires for this section will work with a team of experienced designers to develop the physical layout of the paper. Designers gain valuable experience in both newspaper and magazine design while building a portfolio for future jobs. The application can be found at:

Art: The art team works as a group to create the best visual product for the physical edition of the newspaper. Artists collaborate with other sections to produce unique pieces of art to accompany that week’s content. Artists have the freedom to practice a variety of styles while building a portfolio to show to future jobs. The application can be found at:

Multimedia: The multimedia team produces a broad array of content from live reporting to podcasts and anything in between. Videographers, photographers, audio engineers, and sound editors work with staffers from other sections to diversify the content that the publication produces. This section is an ideal way to improve production skills across formatting while building a portfolio for future jobs. The application can be found at:

Marketing: The marketing team manages the social media and the event planning for The UCSD Guardian. A position on this team is ideal for someone looking to gain media experience while working to build The Guardian’s online presence. The ideal candidate will have a background in event planning, as well as leadership and communication skills. The application can be found at:

Advertising: The Advertising team is our liaison to the local community.  Advertising representatives will work under the direction of the Advertising Director to build The UCSD Guardian brand and sell advertising to clients. The ad rep will be expected to meet deadlines, attend meetings as necessary, work in a team environment, contribute ideas, and deal with clients in a professional and cordial manner. Fundraising and event planning experience strongly preferred but not required. The application can be found at:

Driver/Distributor: Responsible for distributing the newspaper across campus using an electric cart, as well as updating and maintaining newsstand visibility. Additional related duties may be assigned. Availability for a continuous four-hour block of time on Monday mornings is required, preferably beginning at 8 a.m. A valid driver’s license and ability to lift loads of reasonable weight is also required. For more information, email [email protected].

Not Currently Recruiting:

News: The news section reports on the most important and controversial issues on campus, in San Diego and across California. Writers will connect with esteemed professors, student community leaders and activists, famous alumni, Nobel Prize recipients, notable political figures and even Emmy award-winning filmmakers. Our team strives to dig deep into the important community issues within our present reality and will help to determine what will become a part of UC San Diego’s recorded history. Writers will receive training in journalistic writing, work with a diverse and skilled team, and develop a professional portfolio. Prior news writing experience is encouraged, but not required. The application can be found at:

Opinion: Opinion writers formulate and express thoughts on what is going on around the world, around campus, and everything in between. Writers will gain experience forming a coherent and concise argument with the opportunity to write their own personalized column. The application can be found at:

Features: The Features section writes long-form, investigative articles on issues and individuals relevant to UCSD students. This section allows writers the chance to either develop their skills from any level of experience or writing skillset. A lot of work goes into producing a feature, but the byproduct is something all writers are proud of, blending aspects of a News article and an Opinion into a niche deep dive of a certain topic. The application can be found at:

Arts and Entertainment: Arts and Entertainment writers have the opportunity to gain access to early screenings of films and plays and interview directors, screenwriters, actors, and musicians. The section is ideal for anyone with a passion for any form of media and a desire to connect students to those media. The application can be found at:

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is a magazine-style section, which means there’s room for personality and experimentation. Writers focus on the student experience with the freedom to explore and build a relationship with the San Diego area. Lifestyle is perfect for the creative writer looking to express themselves and connect to a community. The application can be found at:

Sports: Writers for the Sports section can follow sports they are passionate about, while getting free tickets, courtside access, and post-game interviews at UCSD matches. The Sports section reports on local sports, offers commentary in columns, and covers events in athletics worldwide. The application can be found at: The application can be found at:

Photography: The photography section covers a diverse range of content to provide photos for every section of the publication. Photographers can collaborate with other sections to produce content that will accompany articles, or they can create their own projects using photos to highlight people and issues in the UCSD community. To apply, email a copy of your portfolio to [email protected]

Copy: Copy readers review content from all editorial sections of the publication. Readers will get a holistic feel for the content that all other sections create while receiving training in editing, formatting, and writing. This section requires only a small time commitment so it is the perfect place to start for those who are not sure which section to join. The application can be found at:

Data Visualization: Data visualization is a flexible section that collaborates with other sections to produce informative and interactive graphics. Staffers for this section will aggregate and interpret large data sets to support other sections and to do their own investigative reporting. Experience will data science or coding is encourage but not required. The application can be found at:

Webmaster (PDF): The webmaster will work with the Advertising Director and Editor to update and maintain the website. Experience in HTML and CMS software is encouraged, but not required.

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