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  • Nostalgia Trips Aren’t All Happy- Go-Lucky

    Rhyme or Reason Hilary Lee [email protected] Last weekend, I trekked over to Balboa Park with a few old friends to recreate pictures and memories of a day trip we had Read more →

  • Poverty Is a Wound, Not an Enemy

    As a cognitive science major, I never thought that my classwork would inform my alter ego as a columnist on social justice, but it turns out that education can inform Read more →

  • A Farewell to All My Guardian Angels

    I arrived on campus four years ago knowing I would work for the school newspaper. There was no other way around my youthful eagerness and tenacity for all things journalism. Read more →

  • Don’t Let Algorithms Make You A Shopaholic

    I’ve come to realize that online shopping isn’t as great as we all originally thought it would be. Shopping online is usually convenient and lets you avoid the lazy sales Read more →

  • Break Free From the Free Food Schemes

    Whenever I try to navigate the maze that is Library Walk at lunchtime, I find myself searching for ways to appear disinterested. I stare at a blank screen on my Read more →


Science & Technology
Inventor and Mentor

Inventor and Mentor

UCSD computer science professor Yuanyuan Zhou discusses her latest application, Whova, and the problems women face in the technology industry. As a dedicated professor, three-time company founder, respected…

UCSD Installs Chargers for Electric Cars

UCSD Installs Chargers for Electric Cars

Rhine-Westphalia implemented 26 chargers for electric vehicles on campus.    Photo Courtesy of UCSD is taking part in the Intelligent Charging Project initiated by the California Energy…

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A Battle For Awareness

A Battle For Awareness

Autism is an increasingly common disorder, identified in one out of every 68 children, according…

Ghosts, Mangoes and Battlestar Galactica

Ghosts, Mangoes and Battlestar Galactica

Playwrights of the Wagner Festival at UCSD share the inspirations behind their plays, performed from…

A Marriage of Sustainability and Economics

A Marriage of Sustainability and Economics

UCSD alumna Katherine Hang shares about her experiences working with Procurement & Contracts and her…

Student Life

Bottoms Up!

San Diego is a city so renowned for its extensive selection of home and microbrews, that it may be  difficult to decide where to sit down and grab…

And This it How it Feels, As We Go On

And This it How it Feels, As We Go On

I want to start off by saying something that might be strange, but it’s something I know I’ll be saying a lot in the near future, and that…

How much do you know about UCSD? The Guardian Hits Library Walk

How much do you know about UCSD? The Guardian Hits Library Walk

Reporting by Laira Martin Shot and Edited by Keita Funakawa Sound by Clifford Hoang Answers: A.S. President: Andy Buselt UCSD Chancellor: Pradeep Khosla UC President: Janet Napolitano UCSD…

Freshmen Faux Pas

Freshmen Faux Pas

When I was in high school, I remember asking my friend what she liked most about her first year in college. Heavily influenced by television and movies as…


Constructive Spring: Let This Be My Reminder

Until Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014, I had a daily task on my phone that simply read: “Eat fruit.” It was a reminder of self-care that I had…


Looking Forward

The Tritons Forward elections sweep creates promise for a partisanship-free A.S. Council that can turn its ambitious goals into action on campus.   In an unprecedented sweep…

News & Features

UCSD Health System Provides Language Interpreting Device to Aid Communication

The UC San Diego Health System partnered with Language Access Network to provide a new, live-video remote interpreting device to enhance communication and improve medical understanding. The…

Arts & Entertainment

Concert Review: The War on Drugs

Philadelphia indie rock band fills small venue with beautifully sweeping ’80s sound. Last Sunday night, the Casbah, a gritty club on the corner of Kettner and Laurel…