Let’s Get Physical: Quarantine Edition Part 5

Clear your mind, write out your schedule for the week, try something new, and get your heart rate up each day with something small. There’s no better way to start a week. It’s time to smash our goals for the week and to start it off with the perfect blood pumping, endorphin producing workout! Let’s push ourselves this week by going from a full-body HIIT workout last week, to a full-body weighted workout this week. We are going to combine all different movements and variations from the past weeks to have an intense full body workout. You know the drill: grab your music, head outside, and enjoy the sun while getting your workout in! Let’s get started, but don’t forget to do your stretches and warm up!

Circuit 1:

Reverse Lunge

  • Three sets of 15 for each leg
  • Standing straight up, bring one leg back and bend your knees
    • Knees should be at a 90 degree angle
    • Bring leg back to starting position and repeat

Ski Jumps

  • Three sets of 15 for each leg
  • Start with one leg forward and knee bent in a 90 degree angle
  • Your other leg will be behind it but further out to the side (straight)
  • Then from the starting position, jump off your bent leg to the other side
  • You will land on your opposite foot—the one that was straight—and bend it to a 90 degree angle
  • The other foot will be behind and to the side like in the starting position
  • Simultaneously repeating jumping from one foot to the other

Kick Backs 

  • Three sets of 15 for each leg
  • Standing up straight, slightly bend your knees and back
  • Place your hands on a wall or pole in front of you—your neck and back should be aligned
  • Kick one leg straight back and up 
  • Squeeze your butt and then release your leg back down
  • Repeat

Crab Walks

  • Three sets of 20 for each leg
  • Bend your knees with your chest facing forward and your legs shoulder width apart
    • Depending on whether you want to target your glutes more, you will go into a deeper squat
  • Then in the squatting position, you will walk side-to-side

Elevated Heel Squat

  • Three sets of 15
  • Find a somewhat elevated surface—a brick, tile, weights, a small step, etc—and place your heels on it
  • Your feet should be angled
  • With your legs together and chest facing forward, squat down and up
  • Try to have your squat go as low as possible

Split Leg Squat

  • Three sets of 15 each leg
  • Find a knee-hight elevated surface:bench, chair, step, etc 
  • Place on foot on the elevated surface with toes facing down
  • Step away from the surface so you have enough room to bend your knees
  • Have your chest face forward with weights on the side of your body
  • Bend both legs down.our knee that is not on the elevated surface should be at a 90 degree angle
    • One leg should be at a 90 degree angle while the other leg is completely bent was drawn back towards the elevated surface
  • Come back up and repeat with the other leg
  • It is like a lunge but with one leg elevated

Circuit 2:

Fire Hydrants

  • Three sets of 15 each leg
  • Straight with your hands and knees on the ground
  • With or without a resistance band, lift one knee off the ground and bring it up towards your side
    • Picture how a boy dog pees

– Bring back down and repeat for each side

Chest Press into Narrow Chest Press

  • Three sets of 15
  • Lay on the floor and with your feet on the ground, knees bent
  • Weight already in your hands, place your arms in 90 degree angles and in a straight line with each other
  • With your knuckles up, push the weights up towards the sky while simultaneously inward towards your chest 
    • The inner side of the weights should touch
  • Then bring weights back down in starting position and turn your wrists and thumbs toward your face
    • Bring the weights in together and push up from there
    • Then bring the weights back to your chest in starting position and repeat

Hip Thrusts

  • Three sets of 20
  • Place your shoulder blades slightly above the elevated surface
  • Draw your butt back;your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart with knees bent
    • Do not extend your body too far out, but also not too close to your chest
    • You want to be able to have your back be straight without your butt hitting the ground
  • Place your weights on the abdominal hip area and push your back towards the elevated surface
  • Once in this position, you will squeeze and pull your butt up. Act as if your squeezing and tucking your butt forward and in

– Hold for three seconds and then release to starting position

  • Your head and shoulders should stay in the same position the entire time

Bent Over Tricep Extensions

Three sets of 15

  • Slightly bend your knees and back
  • Bring your weight next to your chest
  • From there, them straight back
  • Your arm should be relatively straight and squeeze your tricep
  • Then bring your weight back next to your chest

Dumbbell Hammer into Bicep Curls

  • Three sets of 15
  • Begin with your weight in both hands to the side of your body
  • Curl straight up with knuckle facing away
  • When you bring your curl back down simultaneously shift hand position
    • Your palms will be facing up with your weight and once again curl your weight
    • Keep repeating, going back from one to the other simultaneously 



  • One-minute planks for 3 sets
  • Can do forearm planks or extended arm planks
  • Place forearms or hands on the floor
  • Engage your core and your back should be level 
    • Lower back should not be super high up or caved in creating a slope

Heel Touches 

  • Three sets of 20 reps each side
  • Lay on the floor 
  • Place your feet on the ground and close to your butt
  • With your hands to your sides, slide one hand to your foot and repeat on the other side

Mountain Climbers

  • Three sets of 20 reps each leg
  • Place hands on the ground
    • Starting position is like a plank
    • Make sure your back is straight and engage your core
  • Bring one foot towards your chest and then back down to starting position
  • Then simultaneously bring your other foot towards your chest and repeat

Plank Walk Outs

  • Three sets of 10
  • Start in the plank position with your hands on the ground
  • Engage your core and your back should be level
  • Shoulder width apart, lift one hand up and place it farther away and repeat on the other side
  • Then once again lift and place one hand father away and repeat on the other side
    • You should be lower to the ground and your body length should be longer
  • Once you are in this position do the following steps in reverse
    • You should end up in starting position:90 degree angle of arm to back

I know that day-by-day, quarantine is tending to get harder and the news of the pandemic is constantly changing, but do not let it get in the way of your goals no matter how small or big they are. You have power over how quarantine will affect you mentally and physically. Keep pushing. We are in this together.