How to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

If you’re just starting to exercise, the gym can be intimidating because you are afraid of people judging you or you really don’t know where to start. I’m here to help you get motivated and feel confident while working out! 

I felt like this when I started going to the gym by myself because I didn’t want people to look at me or judge the weight I was lifting. However, I got over my self-consciousness when I realized that no one is paying attention. People at the gym are there for two things: to work out and get that blood pumping, and to escape from whatever is going on and relieve some stress. It may seem like people are looking at you but the majority of the time they are zoned out, so do not worry! 

In order to gain motivation, you just have to do it. You have to get up and go because once your blood is pumping, you feel better and you do not regret it. I try to go as soon as possible to the gym before I can make excuses because by the time I’m done debating on whether or not to go, I could have been half-way done or fully done with my workout. However, if I find those excuses are getting to me, what I also do to gain some motivation is look at people’s progress pictures and see the physical and mental growth they made; it is truly so motivational in that alone. If I still do not feel motivated to go, I look up quotes or I write down the reasons why I do not want to go and then I write the reasons why I should go. Ninety percent of the time, the benefits always outweigh the excuses. Do not get me wrong, if your body needs a rest day, give it a rest day. But we are talking about getting started in the gym, do not wait to start next week or on a certain day. If you have the time to go that day, just go!

Alright, now that you know how to motivate yourself before the gym or your workout, it is time to discuss how to feel confident while working out. I highly recommend starting simple and progressing towards the gym. Start with going on a walk for 30 minutes or do a quick abdominal or circuit routine in your dorm or apartment. They should not take longer than 15 minutes! Having the gym as an end goal builds confidence while getting a workout in, which will be greatly beneficial to you and your body instead of jumping straight into it. 

Once you have built the motivation and confidence to get to the gym, it is important to write down or mentally note what target areas you want to work out and what primary exercises you want to do. This will help eliminate unnecessary time in the gym and makes you more focused, where you tend to forget that others are there. Also, if you are still too timid to lift weights, you can start off with cardio or do resistance band exercises. They give you a great burn and ease you into lifting weights because they are usually grouped into different resistance levels that allow you to experience the tension of lifting without the weights. This helps build those muscles and help sculpt your body. With each of these steps, your confidence should be building and if you haven’t already, it is time to lift those weights! Start off a reasonable weight that’s enough to challenge you! Lighter weight and more repetitions will help you get used to each exercise and help perfect your form. 

Okay, it is time to take this advice and put it into use! Start off small and be active in some way. We are all there to better ourselves. Do not be afraid or embarrassed if you have questions or need help, we’ve all been there!

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  1. Great work Tori. Mike told me he thinks you have set the example for the rest of the cousins. I’ve been walking a lot and doing some core work. Love you, Grandma P.

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