Songs of the Week

Song of the Week: “Hello Bitches” by CL
Release Date: Nov. 22

Beyoncé. Rihanna. Nicki Minaj. CL. In a few years, this will be the Mount Rushmore of powerful female artists in America. That’s right, America. South Korean Queen CL has arrived in the land of the “E” and the home of the rave. Her first U.S. single, “Hello Bitches,” is full of trap, rap and slap, which suits the nation better than a red, white and blue tuxedo. Her rap flows smoother than a river filled to the top with Johnson’s baby oil. This song slaps harder than a recently audited pimp having to ask his or her employees twice for their money. CL, a benevolent goddess, would never treat these hookers so cruel. Instead, she would just say to them, “Hello Bitches.”


Song of the Week: “Blackstar” by David Bowie
Release Date: Nov. 19

When it comes to David Bowie, pop culture always obsesses over his ballads, such as the ever-popular “Space Oddity” and, as recently heard in “The Martian,” “Starman.” Consequently, we tend to forget how truly strange the man can be. Thankfully, despite pushing 70, Bowie is back at his weirdest.

His new single, “Blackstar,” has everything one could want from the immortal prince of oddness. Off-tonal organ progressions, skittering drum ‘n bass beats, wandering saxophone lines, bluesy crooning — they’re all here. And if that somehow isn’t enough, the Lynchian music video should remain inscrutable for even the most diehard of fans.