Letter to the Editor: Social Awareness

“How are you nowadays?” “I’m not okay!” A college student’s letter about
inequality in society sparked a sensation among young people in Korea. The
shout-out above has become a slogan demonstrating that young people do
care about the situation around them. When I came to know about the How
Are You movement, the first exclamation that popped up in my mind was “
Wow, they are brave”. Because what I feel right now in the college
environment,, youngsters’ opinion about social, political or economic
issues are often underestimated and suppressed, many students who
undoubtedly have a boiling need to express their concerns don’t dare to do
so. First of all, they have a mind set that nothing will be changed even
if they do speak their minds about a problem. Second, they are afraid of
the consequence if they may trigger a movement. What seems to be a red
alert is the youth either are ignorant of their surrounding or don’t have
the courage to raise their voice. I myself have witnessed a lot of
inequalities and corruptions in society but can’t find a way to get them
be heard with credibility. Therefore, I’d like to design a course called
“Wake up, the world is not ok anymore”. First of all, students in this
course would be asked one simple question: “Do you think your life is good
enough now? Why?” The answers should be divided into three groups: the ok
group, the not ok because of their personal reasons and the last one is
not ok because of social issues. The goal of this course is to transfer
the first two groups into the third one by asking students to perform a
solution to an issue in reality even if they don’t succeed. Through this
course, I hope that young people will be more encouraged to have ambition
to change this world for the better.

My Do