[Retraction] Error in Programming


    The editorial board of The Guardian has decided to formally retract the article “Error in Programming.” We have been in several long discussions to decide how to handle this situation. We thank those for speaking up. We agree that this article is inappropriate, rude and not reflective of the caliber of writing we would like to see in The Guardian. I offer my sincere apologies, and I hope you know this article in no way represents the views of myself, the editorial board or the Guardian as a whole.

    Laira Martin
    Editor in Chief

    UCSD's official student-run campus newspaper


    1. I thought it was funny that you said we’re “breeding a world of robots” (referring to computer science majors) when you were most likely forced to push out this massive piece of shit for a deadline without the slightest inkling as to what you were saying.

    2. I found it strange that you would hone in on computer science and ignore the other engineering fields which share the same stereotypes. However, these comments are still incorrect, and as offensive and ignorant as racial slurs. If you actually feel this way, you’re the one who lacks humanity.

    3. “We agree that this article is inappropriate, rude and not reflective of the caliber of writing we would like to see in The Guardian.”

      I wasn’t aware that you had any kind of standards in your journalism. My friends pick up the Guardian only to play ‘what-did-they-get-wrong-this-time’ and ‘shot-for-every-grammar-error’

    4. I’m very glad this article was retracted. It shouldn’t have been posted in the first place, but whatever.

      Kevin, I’m a CS major and let me tell you something: my favorite thing to do in the world is NOT coding. Excuse me for not being 100% invested in my major, but I have passions outside of the awesome-ness that is Computer Science. I love to watch TV, go to parties, shop, cook, and hang out with my friends. I met my lovely boyfriend in this major. I met the nicest professors, the best of friends, and so many inspiring topics. Everyone wants everyone to learn and it’s really great when a total stranger explains a concept to you and you just cry because the person was so helpful. I LOVE the fact that I’ll have a job after I graduate. My passion makes bank, so sue me. Your article is a pathetic excuse for failing the Intro to Java course (or one of the other simpler intro courses). You wouldn’t have been able to handle this major anyway. It’s just too damn good for ass-hats like you.

      Glad you’re able to share your opinion, but it was based on total and complete lies. I’m sure you know that. I’m also sure you didn’t meet good people with your experience. Give CS folks another chance, because you have no idea what you’re missing. We all smell the f-ing roses. Except you.

      A total geek.

    5. This rivals the UCLA girl’s rant on Asian Americans in
      terms of stupidity and offensiveness. I really hope that someone is
      fired for this.

    6. As a CS major, i will gladly make a robot. But I, as a
      freaking human being, have a heart and really take offense at the
      immature and shallow article. Enjoy the robot!

    7. Are you kidding me? Yes, let’s all play on stereotypes and
      marginalize a major. I hope you never write for The Guardian again.
      Issue a formal apology.

    8. As I read this atrocious article, the only thing I can
      think of is the Academic Decathlon scene from the movie “Billy
      Madison,” starring Adam Sandler.

    9. No need for the animosity. It’s unfair to make these
      generalizations. I think it’s about time you “smell the goddam

    10. Why does this exist? There are serious things going on at
      our university and the UC as a whole. It’d be nice if the
      “journalists” who are supposed to keep us informed reported on
      things of more substance than one writer’s impressions of some
      members of a particular major. Go fuck yourself.

    11. Dear Mr. Fuhrmann, First I would like to applaud your
      decision to leave the computer science major. It obviously was not
      a good fit for you. You need a role in life where you can “smell
      the roses,” and run around with flowers on your head, prancing
      through fields happiness and sunshine. With unicorns, fairies, and
      tiny little butterflies singing. Hard work, dedication, and love
      for a field is certainly not your forte. But I wonder, while you
      were typing this piece of filth of an article, did you stop to
      think about the keyboard you were using, or the word processor? Did
      you think about the millions of lines of code living on your
      smartphone when you checked your Facebook feed? How about the hours
      of work invested in this very website that now features your
      rubbish of an article? Next time you choose to get the hamsters in
      your head running, why don’t you write a discriminatory and
      prejudice ridden piece about a particular gender, sexual
      orientation, or race. Hopefully then you’ll be firmly kicked in the
      rear and out the door by your “so called” editor, like you should
      have been for writing this piece of garbage. Sincerely, A
      concerned, offended, skydiving, rock climbing, marathon running
      computer science major, that smells the roses.

    12. Does this article even have a point? There are people like
      this in every major. A person who lacks the brain capacity to
      understand basic programming skills that 12 year olds all over the
      world are learning shouldn’t be allowed to have their thoughts
      published. “I’m not convinced they are actually people” , “That
      doesn’t mean they aren’t freaks”, “They speak in the same way they
      use programming languages: succinct and unsettlingly impersonal”
      Maybe the author couldn’t just take the hint that us CS majors
      don’t enjoy associating with pretentious people.

    13. Discretion aside, I think it behooves the author to
      consider the fact that an introductory level programming class is
      by no means any more indicative of the people within CS than an
      intro-level biology class is of pre-med students. Students will
      change majors or get weeded out. And of course, acting like four
      students are any way indicative of a diverse group of people is
      just silly—I would advise you take a stats class or eight.
      Furthermore, if your major change was to journalism or something,
      then I would advise you learn to write better. Your grammar is
      awful, and your writing style is worse. Your attempts at humor come
      off as ignorant, mean-spirited, and extremely bitter. Oh, and next
      time, do yourself a favor and use a pseudonym before publishing
      your next masterpiece.

    14. I’m a Comp Eng major and I’m on a sports team with lots of
      friends all around campus. I was also in a leadership class this
      quarter. I know how to talk to people. Ask my friends and I’m sure
      you’ll hear that I’m one of the more emotional, empathetic type
      rather than the anti-social type. Please don’t spread prejudices.
      As a gay man, (from your comment on the Whitney Houston thing) you
      should know how hurtful and inaccurate stereotypes are. Please
      strike up a conversation with me on the matter when I come in to
      practice in Canyonview (I’m the swimmer guy with really blonde
      hair). I’m sure that I can convince you that we
      computer-based-major students can indeed speak and “go outside to
      smell the roses” 🙂

    15. It’s depressing that this slides for articles in
      newspapers. Albeit it is an opinions article, making vast
      generalizations about a major and a group of people who share a
      common interest shows a lack of research and a lack of critical
      analysis. My high school newspaper (which I was the columnist for)
      wrote better, current, well-researched and substantial articles
      than this one. This article has no statistics to back it, relies on
      personal evidence of the author, who obviously has not met many
      computer science majors. Please retract this article and consider
      (1) writing articles on topics that matter, (2) hiring actual
      writers and (3) refraining from perpetuating and creating

    16. Let’s correct a few points. Maybe Computer Science is a
      super-major, but it’s definitely not a “new” super-major. Ask the
      people pursuing this major a little more than a decade ago, or, let
      me Google that for you,
      The second thing that really ought to be corrected is that this is
      not a trend for CS majors alone. Student in many other majors in
      science and engineering are doing the same thing. We simply find
      enjoyment in creating things, wherever we are. There’s a reason
      people call mad scientists mad. There’s nothing wrong with being a
      mad scientist huh? They get all the fame. Well, we’re just people
      who are like that. Talk to some other majors and see for yourself.
      Oh yeah, and talk to some grad students in science and engineering.
      We can all agree that they tend to get better jobs later on in life
      and thus have more freedom to enjoy life however they want for the
      rest of their life. Some people want to build up their career and
      potential early on, and enjoy everything they want later in life.
      Others like to enjoy earlier on in life and live a mediocre life
      afterwards. It’s a tradeoff between a few years and a few

    17. Wow this article is so heartfelt and true that I swear this
      was a letter directed directly towards me. But it’s too late to
      change Kevin, I am in too deep. It’s that first sentence that
      really spoke to me.

    18. Wow, that was horrible. This “article” is lacking any real
      merit, coherent thoughts, valid sentence structure, general story
      telling, or evidence to support any of it’s claims. Calling it an
      article gives actual articles, and The Guardian, a bad name. This
      is more of a long, rambling Facebook post then anything else; what
      is the actual point being made here? That CS is bad, or just the
      people taking it? That technology is good but the people behind it
      are bad? That CS majors are smart but horrible people, so we should
      try to save them from themselves? Or is the actual point that this
      author took his first CS class, didn’t like it, did poorly because
      of it, and now feels the need to rage against it and all the people
      in it? Computer Science is more than just writing code in a
      “dungeon” with energy drinks; and moreover, Computer Science majors
      more than a few antisocial gamers. Claiming not to be one is fine,
      and unnecessary, since no one is making anyone else take any course
      or majors against their will. Take all the classes you want, enjoy
      your time in college and explore what’s out there; find out what
      your passion is and do it. Just don’t turn around and rail against
      those classes and it’s participants that you didn’t personally fit
      in with. It’s sorely unbecoming of someone who claims to be a
      Triton, and makes me sad that our great institution might be
      failing you. I hope The Guardian takes another look at this piece,
      and perhaps your overall writing “style”. This is not what UCSD is
      about, and The Guardian should not be condoning such a nonsensical
      and unintelligent stream of consciousness.

    19. Thank you so much for your rant. I really needed a break
      from studying for finals, and your article made me laugh real hard.
      I thought I’ve seen bad but wow this just takes the cake. Now I see
      why the colleges make us go through the gauntlet of writing
      classes. Major props for your passionate bias. I’m no computer
      science major, but damn even I feel insulted by your inflammatory
      comments. So what if a few individuals don’t see enough time
      outside, that does not mean you can condemn the rest of the flock
      for the minority. These guys just want to get their A, and dammit
      we didn’t come to UCSD for a 3.0 when we know we could do more. If
      you have issues with individual CS majors, then settle that
      yourself, but you’re doing nothing good to your position if you
      turn everyone against you. I really hope this is a joke because
      this article is just designed to piss off people.

    20. I can’t believe the Guardian let this thing publish. Still
      confusing their/there/they’re? Check yourself before you bash on
      others please.

    21. I don’t know about you, but I found this article pretty dam
      insulting with viscously exaggerated stereotypes reigning from
      beginning to end. As far as I know from direct experience in the
      “dungeon,” every derogatory claim you’ve made has been inaccurate.
      People working in the lab and in the major have been the sweetest,
      most helpful people in the world who not only are capable of
      spending hours hard at work on homework that they actually enjoy,
      but they participate in many activities outside of computer science
      as well. If anything, the multitude of people I have encountered in
      the lab and in the major have been the most vibrant individuals I
      have befriended in my stay so far at UCSD. I’m sorry your
      experience was not the same, but considering the limited time you
      spent in computer science related courses, please consider that the
      unfortunate experience you had may very well not represent the
      generality of this major.

    22. What a pathetic attempt for attention. Maybe remove all the cliches and perhaps the article would at least become tolerable.

    23. The opening line was terrible, and it went downhill from there. Let’s talk about good writing, just kidding. We’re talking about you’re article, literally the opposite.

    24. What kind of 80’s move trope have I stumbled into; way to pass of “NERDZZZZZ” as an attempt at crafting original humor.

    25. Thanks, for sharing your prejudices against computer science majors. Although I’m an “impersonal” computer science major who “doesn’t run” (aside from three marathons this year alone), I was actually quite offended by your remarks.

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