Let’s Get Physical: Quarantine Edition Part 2

Let’s Get Physical: Quarantine Edition Part 2

Let’s start this week off right with a new quarantine workout! This week will be focused on working all aspects of your upper legs. It will range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on whether or not you warm up with a jog or a walk. Make sure you give yourself a one to two minute rest between each rep, but try to go straight into the next exercise once you finish. You are going to feel the burn on this workout, but I promise it is a good one. So blast some music and let’s start this workout! 

Warm Up

Stretch for five minutes. Get those muscles loose. Once done stretching, go for a 10 minute jog or 15 to 30 minute walk. Then, kick start your workout with some core. If you want to do that after your workout as a finisher, that is fine as well. 


2–3 sets of 15 reps each exercise


  • Sit on the floor and place your hands behind your back, either shoulder-width apart or in a triangle behind the middle of your back.
  • Lean back at a slight angle with your legs straight out and then pull them in to meet with your chest.

Plank Hip Dips

  • Get into plank position with your forearms on the ground. Make sure your back is straight and engage your core.
  • Do not sink down or stick your butt up, always keep your back straight.
  • Twist from one side to the other, always keeping your core engaged. Feel the burn!


  • Lay on your back with knees up, as seen in the video, and crunch up.
  • Focus on your core and only lift up to where your shoulder blades are off the ground.


3 sets of 15 for each exercise

Leg Extensions

Focuses on quads

  • I use a resistance band as shown below, but if you do not have a resistance band, then you can use some sort of added weight and put it between your feet 
  • I place my hands behind and on the bench for grip.
  • After the 15 reps, I did a quick five-rep pulse with a three-second hold on the last one rep. It’s optional, but it definitely makes you feel the burn!

Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift

Focuses on hamstrings. Secondary muscle used is glutes.

  • Knees slightly bent. When you start to bend down, act as if there is a string wrapped around your waist that is pulling your butt back. You will slowly glide your weights down your leg as you pull your butt back. When you come back up, squeeze your glutes inwards. You can also picture the rope that was pulling your butt back is now in the front and is pulling your butt inward.
  • Your back should always be straight and never slanted.
  • Keep your neck and back aligned.

Dumbbell Static Lunge

Focuses on quads and glutes. Secondary muscle used is hamstrings.

  • Make sure your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle and your back is aligned with your shoulders pulled back.
  • Look straight or slightly up but not down because you’ll start to lean forward and your back will no longer be straight and aligned.
  • When you come back up, your knees should slightly be bent; do not lock them out.
  • You can do it either with or without the resistant band. I personally like the extra tension along with using dumbbells (or any extra weight).

Sumo Pulse Squats

Focuses on primary quads and glutes. Secondary muscle is hamstrings

  • You want your stance a little wider than shoulder-width apart and toes pointed out.
  • When squatting, try to get to a 90-degree angle, and on your way up to stop midway, do a pulse squat (also known as a mini squat), and come back up with squeezing your butt inwards.

Hamstring Curls

Focuses on hamstrings

  • Can do with towels or laying on a flat elevated surface.
  • For the towel method, rest your weight on your shoulder blades with your back off the ground.
  • Try to get your legs as extended as possible and then you are going to slide your feet back towards your butt. THIS IS KILLER!
  • For the flat elevated surface method, lay on your stomach and place weight between your feet. Slowly raise your feet towards your butt and go back down.
  • You do not want to overextend your legs when going back down. Keep your legs either slightly bent or straight but do not lock your knees out.

I hope you enjoy this workout and feel the burn. Let me know if you want more circuit base workouts or weight. Let’s take advantage of this quarantine and better ourselves!

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