Opinion: UCSD Should Stand up for Hong Kong

In June 2019, a controversial extradition bill sparked mass protests in Hong Kong. With hundreds of thousands of protestors on the streets nearly every day, the Hong Kong protests have received massive international attention and coverage, creating a fire that Beijing has not yet been able to put out.

In light of this, some dismiss the protests by saying that the protestors are terrorists, or that they are paid. This is unequivocally false. In perspective, 1.7 million people are estimated to have attended the protests in August — nearly a quarter of Hong Kong’s population. To argue that a quarter of Hong Kong’s population is paid by a mysterious entity or that all of them are terrorists ignores what these protests are fundamentally about just as well as it denies basic facts.

But when the extradition bill was officially pulled, the protests did not end. It has since evolved into a larger scale movement against China and the future of Hong Kong under Chinese rule. And this may be for good reason. The Communist Party of China has been in the international spotlight for rampant human rights violations numerous times in the past and present, such as putting its ethnic Uighur muslim populations in concentration camps, where more human rights violations occur. From forcing Muslims to eat pork to sexual violence and forced sterilization against women, the CCP will cross any line to maintain its iron grip within its borders.
This is the very reason why the administration and student body of UC San Diego should make a statement in support of Hong Kong — the protests in Hong Kong is not only a fight for democracy, but also a fight against tyranny.

Beyond the goals of democratic rule in Hong Kong, the buildup of Chinese troops in Shenzhen points to an ominous potential response from Beijing. This adds to the reason why UCSD should make a statement in support of Hong Kong — maintaining international pressure and visibility could provide significant barriers to a potentially deadly response. While some argue that the presence of Chinese troops in the area is routine, which is true, the number of troops have nearly doubled to 12,000 since the protests began. The Chinese government historically has not responded to mass dissent peacefully, and the escalation of violence in the protests, from both protestors and police alike, point to a potential brutal crackdown unseen since Tiananmen Square. And in the face of a potential brutal crackdown, it is the moral duty for those who support the rights that protect us everyday to support those fighting for those same rights abroad. This is not to say that everyone should go and participate in the protests — but a simple, vocal statement of support is the very least we should do.

Outside of Hong Kong, the CPC has successfully tried to strong arm influential entities to bend to their will to protect their image and interests abroad regarding Hong Kong. The NBA, Apple, and Blizzard have all appeased the Chinese government, from silencing support of the protests as Blizzard did, to removing a police tracking app that the protestors used as Apple did.
UCSD has similar economic incentives as Blizzard and Apple — 18.6 percent of the student body are international students, many of whom are dependent on financial aid from Beijing. And the CPC has demonstrated that actions that it does not approve of will be met with pecuniary punishment, when it cut off China Scholarship Council funding for Chinese UCSD students in light of the Dalai Lama’s appearance at UCSD.This is a dangerous path. Appeasing the CCP for the sake of economic gain not only weakens the protests fighting for basic human rights, but also demonstrates to the rest of the world that the dollar is more important than our principles.

UCSD could also face something other than just financial punishment, such as a mass backlash on campus. But a backlash did not stop the Dalai Lama from speaking in the commencement address in 2017, and it should not stop anything now.

If a backlash were to happen, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association on campus would be the most vocal actor.The CCP and CSSA both opposed the Dalai Lama’s commencement speech at UCSD in 2017. Prior to their statements, the CSSA had reached out to the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate on the matter.

This situation is not unique to UCSD, however. According to the New York Times, China, through its 150 chapters of the CSSA across the United States, is attempting to draft a pro-China narrative and silence opposition abroad. At Columbia University, the CSSA mobilized its members to protest a presentation about human rights violations in China, and to “resolutely defend the honor and dignity of the Motherland”. Another incident at Duke University alleged that the group was responsible for a harassment campaign against a Chinese student who attempted to mediate sides in a protest about Tibet.

Thus, a backlash from the CSSA would simply be a part of a larger scale effort to stifle free speech in order to better suit a foreign power’s interests. A foreign power should not dictate for us what people can discuss and protest on our own campuses; UCSD should not allow a fear of the CSSA or a fear of a backlash keep them from protecting free speech by staying silent.

Ideas win because of the merit of its arguments, not by who can yell the loudest. A backlash is simply loud; it does not have any inherent merit. While we can disagree with the method of Chinese governance in their territory and still coexist, we cannot allow the exportation of forced silence. We especially cannot when it is being exported to U.S. campuses. Some may disagree, and say that it is hypocritical to support foreign protests, and thereby influence foreign events, while criticizing Chinese efforts to attempt to influence foreign events itself. But is a statement in support of those facing an ongoing brutal crackdown on the same level as an effort to stifle free speech and criticism through harassment? The principles we live by are only really principles if we stand by them even when it is difficult. The student body and administration of UCSD should support free speech when it matters, and that is now.

Photos courtesy of Jacob Sutherland.

*This article was updated at 7:09pm on November 14, 2019 because the author’s sources did not hyperlink properly upon immediate publication. The content of the article was not changed.

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  1. Author says: “In light of this, some dismiss the protests by saying that the protestors are terrorists, or that they are paid. This is unequivocally false. In perspective, 1.7 million people are estimated to have attended the protests in August — nearly a quarter of Hong Kong’s population. To argue that a quarter of Hong Kong’s population is paid by a mysterious entity or that all of them are terrorists ignores what these protests are fundamentally about just as well as it denies basic facts.”

    This is like that A must be correct because a lot of people believe it is correct and not believing it is correct is against fundamental basic facts. Without mentioning anything about what these facts are. I would just call this stupid logic or smart propaganda.

    1. FYI- since the beginning of the protests, the Chinese government in Beijing has been putting out the propaganda line, saying that the Freedom Fighters are being paid by the U.S. government. Later in the protests when it became obvious that the line would not fly, they changed it to just “somebody” is paying them. This is a historical fact. Check China Daily newspaper.

  2. So many sad wumao in this comment section. You can tell they are beginning to worry about the animosity they receive at American universities. I cannot wait until they begin to send Chinese students back to China for vandalism and their inability to respect other people’s opinions without censorship.

  3. Just want to say your voice could not represent the general student entity in UCSD. As students, think more and do not blindly follow the media propaganda. Our school encourages inclusion and love to the world, not hatred

    1. I have to disagree with Gromit Z.

      The author has not encouraged anyone to hate anyone. The author is standing up for freedom of speech. And the concept of freedom of speech should be welcome on any university anywhere. Universities are all about an open exchange of ideas. So the article DOES represent the entire UCSD student body (except for some foreign exchange students who have learned differently in their home country).

  4. Well, my families and friends living in Hong Kong told me a lot about their personal experience with those so-called “democratic” protestor: you do not have the freedom to disagree with those protestors who claimed to fight for freedom. If you dare to voice your disagreement, they are completely free to beat you up, burn you ( which already happened to a HK citizen,Mr. Lee) if not kill you ( check out the poor cleaner who died of brain trauma after a protestor threw a brick at his head). HK protestors simply use “freedom” as an excuse to justify their internalized white supremacy and turn such racism outward to anyone speaking Mandarin/ anyone who starts his business in mainland China. They think that by committing vandalism, arson and murder in the name of “freedom” they can become “whiter”. This racist thing has been going on for decades. I do not think Chinese people in mainland China become angry toward those protestors because of government report. They have been pissed off by such racism from HK protestors’ imagined whiteness.

    1. I personally lived in Hong Kong for a very long time and share totally different views. I am not saying the incidents you pointed out did not happen, but you left out a lot of context. I do not agree with the violence, but the burned person was filmed chasing and attacking the protestors. The person being killed was in a group that was throwing bricks at and getting bricks throwned at by the protestors. The protestors could have easily been the ones killed too, yet you leave out such important context. The pro-China side has actually employed way more violence before all this happened including attacking protestors with machetes, threatening protestors with axes and many others. Your argument that Hong Kong wants to be more white is absolutely made up. If that is the case could you explain why Hong Kong people were more willing to identify as Chinese in the 2000s and that decreased as China meddled with Hong Kong’s affairs? I think mainland Chinese people are very smart, but in some sense they are being manipulated by the government. They have been constantly fed the idea that this protest was about separatism(you can see a lot of mainland people bringing this up), but in reality that was never ever the goal of the movement.

  5. First of all, Hong Kong is a part of China. What do you mean by “make HK function like China”? I think you even do not know who you are. Second of all, the Chinese government wants HK to stay in one country, two systems for sure. The reason is that they borrowed trillions of dollars through HK to start their strategy “one belt, one road”. They definitely want HK to stay in its system and continue to get economic reciprocity there. As a Korean and international studies major student, I have a lot of Chinese friends. I am so sorry to have people like you who don’t even know what you are talking about here. By the way, all of my mainland Chinese friends seem to really appreciate you take the right to protest peacefully.

    1. I think he was addressing the fact that although they are under one head state (China), the mainland and Hong Kong are still very different in many regards. Heck, they are literally under “two systems” – two different types of government. Under the agreement struck with the British when they were relinquishing control, Hong Kong gets to have its own system for 50 years. The author was referring to how China seems to want to accelerate this process, by eroding Hong Kong’s independent system and bringing it closer to full unification with the mainland, much sooner than the 50 years. I didn’t think that was too difficult to see?

      1. No, this is a system bug. I did not reply to the author. I replied to one of the comments below, but it appears here. Btw, China is not accelerating that, because they still need economic benefits from HK. They must retain this system. Also, that agreement is not a promise to the UK. It is just the Chinese government stating how they will deal with HK. Again, if you understand the politics and economy in China, you won’t have these unnecessary concerns.

  6. I just feel like, it is not right to erase someone’s thoughts under any circumstance.. you can disagree but try to erase someone’s thoughts?! that’s totally wrong. This is America and I enjoy the democracy in this country. Please don’t bring what we learn from China here. I totally understand both sides’ point of view, but everyone has the right to express his opinion.

    1. Did you find out who erased it already? So you just assumed the Chinese students did that? And don’t defame Chinese students you poor soul. We have our own thinking. Perhaps it doesn’t align with the western society but who can say it must be wrong? You don’t have to represent us.

      1. If you have been following this at all, on university campuses all around the world Hong Kong supporters have been putting up signs and posters on campus and the Chinese students have been ripping them down as fast as they are going up. They are plenty of witnesses as to who has been tearing them down and has been trying to stop the message. Who do you think did it?

        The NRA?

        The NAACP?

        The KKK?

        We know who did it.

        Your question: Who can say this type of thinking is wrong?

        I can. That type of thinking did not prove to be successful in Nazi Germany and it is not approved here in the U.S.

        We treasure freedom of expression here in the U.S. and the appropriate thing to do is to put your own sign up next to this sign with your own message. Then let the person reading the two signs make their own judgment.

        The person who over-painted the sign is guilty of vandalism and should be arrested and charged.

        This how we do it here in the U.S. and if you “have your own thinking” on the matter, you are welcome to visit. But do NOT plan on staying. And do not express this method of thinking while you are here.

        This is The United States of America. Either respect that fact or go home now!

  7. Yep. UCSD should stand up for Hong Kong cuz we need to fight for freedom of speech. It’s simple: if someone disagrees with you, burn him alive! Well I think the author is not biased or misinformed. He’s just stupid.

    1. I think what you comment really makes you sound stupid. You deny the meaning of the whole protest and blame all the protesters based on a small group of aggressive protesters. If they have a good government and the government listen to them, do they really have to go on protest every day? I bet no one would pick the tear gas instead of spending time with their family and no one wants to see their homeland to be destroyed. People like you will never bring improvement to our society because you judge the flaw and which will stop you from seeing the whole picture. One or two protesters did something aggressive and violence does not represent all the protesters. A lot of them fight in a peaceful way. You can not deny the purpose of the protest is to provide a better future for the young people, strive for democracy in HK and hopefully one day in China. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice for a better future. It is all worth it when the day comes.

  8. What HongKong “protesters” are doing is simply confusing. They commit arson, murders, vandalism in their own dear city in order to “make it better”. How ridiculous this is. They committed these crimes with their faces covered because they know they are not proud of it. They are TERRORISTS instead of protesters.

    1. I believe they just want to get attention from their government. I really get it I mean we are lucky that we can vote for our president and they will actually listen when we go on strike. Their government just abandon the people no matter how many people walk on the street… Also, they cover their faces just because their government will prob score to settle. I completely understand and I can imagine we will do something similar or even more aggressive if we have that government here.

      1. hey,don’t know what society you live in or if you had done your research, but they do have the rights to vote. Matter of fact, that government has responded, just not EXACTLY the way they wanted. They cover their faces for the same reason why terrorists cover their face: After they burnt down the city, they can still escape from the law and enjoy their cozy sweet home:) Thank you for defending the terrorists, I assume the ISIS also has their demands that their government won’t meet, poor them for having to leave their sweet home out their fighting for their cause:(

        1. I do not know what society you live in, but you are not familiar with the Chinese political system. One of the Freedom Fighter’s demands is universal suffrage (the right to vote). Currently in Hong Kong, most of the legislative candidates, including the Chief Executive Officer are hand-picked by the Chinese communist party. Then the citizens get to vote for which communists they choose to run Hong Kong. It is technically a right to vote, but they cannot choose their own candidates from the general populace — so it is not the same thing.

      2. As far as I know, if you make a riot parade like that in the U.S., the police or even Army will let u know what is “order”. Do you think you really understand what happened to Hong Kong? How long have u ever stayed in HK? Can you speak Mandarin or Cantonese? Did you learn the history of China and HK?Do you understand the existence of different ideologies? Have you ever learned about the social structure of HK? Do you know the economic situation of HK? By the way, Hong Kong is not like the U.S., they do not have the economic and educational foundation to vote. Their top 10 richest people take 45% of their GDP. Guess what will happen if they have the Dual Universal Suffrage right away? The richest people will utilize media as a tool to manipulate public opinion. That time, HK will probably be destroyed by populism. There are a lot of ways to get attention from their government. This is the stupidest one. Btw, they have the right to vote for the legislative council members.

  9. Independent of Hongkong is not possible and it was not a un time during the time of the British government. The democracy was not really offered to the locals, who couldn’t even vote. If being treated as secondary citizens is what they want then I have no words to say… Independence of Hongkong, even against the odds achieved, the economy and government system will face tremendous turbulence and there is no one to promise the situation will rise back to normal. For now, I think the protest has changed from demanding retrieval of the extraction bill to demanding Hongkong, which is not possible for Hongkong at this point and the seeing future. After all, mainland China’s government system shouldn’t define who can be called “Chinese”. Mainland, Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan, though having different government systems, are all people descending from the Sage kings. The hatred and hostility between them just break my heart. I was a mainland Chinese myself, growing up I was always told that people living in Hongkong, Taiwan, and Macao are our brothers, we had once drifted away, but we will someday restore the love among the family members. It is okay to dislike a government, but why should the innocent citizens be blamed, hated and even attacked?

    1. Why can’t you guys see the Chinese government is trying to make HK function like China? Start with sending all the mainland Chinese to HK and then the extradition bill. Trust me. I treat all the Chinese like brothers and sisters and love hanging out with Chinese international students like most of the HK students did here. ALL WE WANT IS ONE COUNTRY TWO SYSTEM like 15 years ago, not like what the Chinese press said about us. Why can’t you guys support us too like what a brother would do?

      1. The government did take back the extraction bill, but I got to tell you, the one country two system is not working out very well. Can’t you see the point of the protest had shift from democracy to urge Hongkong’ independence? We need to stay together, no matter like it or not, it’s the best interests for Hongkong. If there are people trying to break “One Country” first, it will be ridiculous for mainland to do nothing. Help us out, how to have Hongkong satisfied while preserving the “one country” agreement?

      2. First of all, Hong Kong is a part of China. What do you mean by “make HK function like China”? I think you even do not know who you are. Second of all, the Chinese government wants HK to stay in one country, two systems for sure. The reason is that they borrowed trillions of dollars through HK to start their strategy “one belt, one road”. They definitely want HK to stay in its system and continue to get economic reciprocity there. As a Korean and international studies major student, I have a lot of Chinese friends. I am so sorry to have people like you who don’t even know what you are talking about here. By the way, all of my mainland Chinese friends seem to really appreciate you take the right to protest peacefully.

    2. The idea that all Han Chinese people are derived from one common ancestral ethnicity is a deadly misconception. The Sage Kings were (obviously) myths used for political reasons. In ancient China, they would have ruled over just one of hundreds of domains and kingdoms. China was a hugely diverse place, and, despite popular belief, if you look at its history, centralization of the entirety of the mainland is the exception, not the rule.

      Taiwan and Hong Kong aren’t concerned with this nationalist fantasy – they do not want to be a part of China because China is an authoritarian state with abyssmal human rights records; it is a place where reporters disappear, Nobel Peace Prize winners are locked up, and critics of the system are silenced. It is a place where the government tries to filter every single snippet of information that crosses its borders, where one million innocent minorities are being locked up in Xinjiang, and where school children are taught to serve their country, no matter how twisted and perverse it can be. This isn’t to say that Chinese people are bad; I’m simply saying, there are reasons why Hong Kong does not want to be so close to the mainland, and why Taiwan continues to stay independent.

  10. I don’t know why this protest is for anymore… seriously if the whole point of the protest was for the extradition bill then here is the truth, the government had ALREADY responded to this bill. You five demand? They also answered, but NOT the way you Wanted isn’t it, you crying babies? You are protesting for the democracy of Hongkong but you are harming people who just don’t agree with you… I don’t see how this is a democracy and if this is a democracy you believed in, all I have to say is I feel sorry for the education that you received in Hongkong for they failed to teach you the right thing. If the independent of Hongkong is what you want, I’d like you to think if it is possible. As I know, you can’t even supply freshwater yourselves without Shenzhen, a mainland province. Not to mention the economy. Mainland needs Hongkong but Hongkong also need Mainland, neither of them can function well without each other. But this is my opinion. If you believe Hongkong should be independent, then believe it. I just want to suggest the fact that it is probably not for the best interests of Hongkong. Till this point, casualties had already occurred caused by the “peaceful protestors”, one in ICU and one dead, both innocent citizens. The protestors also occupied the CUHK and turned it to a terrorist camp. Forgive me for referring you as a terrorist, but in fact, you aren’t that far away from them anymore. You will eventually lose all international support if this violence of terrorism won’t stop. Here is the question to you, can the violence against innocent citizens ever be justified? Shouldn’t you respect the law if your whole protest is to protect the democracy of Hongkong? The direction you are aiming for is just pure chaos and terrorism. So please, anyone with a conscience, at least know what you are supporting before you make a stand. If a chaotic Hongkong is what you want, then GO AHEAD. I feel sorry for this city and the lost glory. Prayers to the victims and innocent citizens of Hongkong hope peace and order will come soon.

    1. What the world sees: Hong Kong – a small territory, a city, one with limited democracy, but one that wants more. They are battling the worlds largest authoritarian state; the odds are against them. China – the strongman, the bully, the human rights abuser, the propaganda machine, the nationalist pig. Very few in the international world view the Hong Kong protesters are terrorists. They’re the little guy, fighting for what’s right, taking a stand for what they believe in. They want more freedom, and China is refusing to comply. No country has sympathy for China. But most are cheering Hong Kong from the sidelines (even if they have to be quiet in fear of upsetting the Chinese Communist Party). Hope that’s not too surprising!

  11. Damn… 94 comments. Interesting how people get very passionate about these international protests, while protests and strikes directly affecting the workers and students at UCSD (see: the other articles this week) have no comments and little recognition.

  12. I used to be a student in one of the HK universities for 2 years, thus I deeply felt the conflicts and contradictions between different groups and factions in hk. People in hk were involved in the big social fusion of communism mainland and capitalism hk, which not only brought the conflicts, but also made individuals perplexed. There are several factors that triggered the situation today.

    First of all, the young hk generations were educated to be less identified as Chinese culturally and even ethnically, which massively intensified the social gap. (Imagine Americans are officially governed by the British, which was the real history). Nonetheless, hk people can never be officially identified as a different ethnic group, which is a common sense, just like Californians are still American no matter how they disagree with the famous president, not to mention a large proportion of hk citizens are born in mainland China(mostly elder generations and new immigrants).

    Secondly, there exists a vital gap between the ideologies of mainland Chinese and HK Chinese(they call themselves HKese). Mainland Chinese believe that the best form of the society is to be safe, stable, united and progressive, where most of the citizens are benefited, no matter it is under Communism or Capitalism. However, some HK people are more idealistic. They would do whatever they could and pay whatever price to pursue the dream of a society with “Freedom” and “Democracy”, which is where they run to the extreme in my opinion. There never exists, at least currently exists no “Prefect” social form that deserves the sacrifice of all citizens in order to be realized. Democracy is never a slogan, but a set of most successful examples of political systems. There is never a unique solution to this problem. What hk people are doing is naively believing that things will 100% get better if they get what they want—- so called democracy.

    Tragically, hk people are drowned in the dream of ” democracy”. The whole social movement has become a large show of kitsch, where everyone is playing the role of their idealistic self-imagination. They believe they are warriors against might, slayers of dragon, and heroes of revolution, which makes they believe everything they did was justicial, legit and meaningful, which is also why their speakers refuse to condemn any of their violence(https://youtu.be/LG-WWLnB-jU). They have no idea, and do not give a f**k about if they are out of control, or if the public are suffering.

    They are also lots of hk people who hold different opinions, therefore those people are insulted, bullied, and even attacked on public(https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=24uhVYrE1ho ).

    It is unfair and ridiculous to judge the mainland China as the “Evil against democracy” and judge the hk as “Fighters for freedom”. This is an irresponsibly preconceived and misleading argument. Unfortunately this is what the protesters used to persuade u guys.

  13. There is one thing that I want to talk about “Hong Kong Independence.”. This is one of the stupidest proposals that I have never heard of in my whole life. The person who creates this concept may not know the history of China. The reason why Hong Kong become one of the financial centers around the world is that Hong Kong was the only access that China connects to the world financially at that time. However, Hong Kong is trapped by real estate companies. The foods, meats, freshwater, and electricity in Hong Kong are from the mainland. Guess what will happen if HK is independent? Few of Hong Kongers know how mainlanders think about separatism. Without knowing the history and thinking about the outcomes, some people argue for the “Hong Kong Independence.” To be honest, guys, it is simply such a joke… BTW, the democratic country: UK. When they were ruling Hong Kong, the governor of HK was appointed by the British Government…. and the Indian soldiers were in charge of protecting HK…

    1. You misunderstand what the sign is trying to say. They are not asking for independence or separatism.

      Free Hong Kong means that they can truly elect their own leaders and vote without China interfering by selecting all of the candidates.

  14. Recently, very severe riots happened in Hong Kong, and they had escalated continuously. The rioters finally broke the baseline and started to attack the universities. However, this complicated situation in Hong Kong cannot be viewed in one way. The complication of the condition in Hong Kong is far more out of our minds.

    One or two months ago, I thought the motivation behind the protests or riots was related to the economic issues of Hong Kong. Conversely, after my investigations and discussions with other students and authorities, I find it irrelevant to the economy. From my perspective, it is the collision of two different ideologies.

    Native Hong Kongers are mostly influenced by the democratic values from the Western World. Their ideology about democracy and freedom is more similar to Westerners. However, what disappoints Hong Kongers is that they do not have the suffrage. They tried several times to pass the bill about Dual Universal suffrage, but they failed. They did not trust the government of Hong Kong, and they did not like the way that some policemen behave. For the Extradition Bill, it just triggered the dissatisfaction of Hong Kongers like what Sarajevo Assassination did, triggering WWI.

    First, I appreciate and respect people in Hong Kong to practice their rights to parade and protest peacefully. People should fight for freedom and democracy because they are not granted by any other. However, as time went by, riots happened and escalated. Some protesters fight with the police in a bloody way, which directly leads to the injuries of innocent people. By that time, it is not a pure protest for the Five Appeals. Then, several prevailing theories appear. Some people think some mainlanders pretend to be protesters who are posing riots intentionally to defame the protesters. Some people consider that foreign organizations are trying to intervene in the domestic affairs of Hong Kong. Someone claims that there are critical problems with Hong Kong’s primary education…etc.

    From my personal view, I am not taking any side. After I talked to a lot of prestigious and influential politicians and PPE professors, I have nothing to say but being upset. First and foremost, violence is not acceptable. Secondly, Making Hong Kong and mainland China an adversary is not acceptable.

    I think I have something to say about evoking adversity between the mainland and Hong Kong.

    First, I am going to talk about the situation on the mainland. There are a lot of we media(self-media) analyzing the economic situation in Hong Kong and posting videos about the riots. Their analysis mostly makes sense. However, the ambiance of pubic opinion in the mainland is somewhat terrible(populism). Everywhere is filled up with gloat and mutual attack. However, Hong Kongers are brothers with mainlanders. How come brothers attack each other like this? Where is the empathy? Aren’t Hong Kongers Chinese? Directly attacking and gloating around is not able to present the elegance of “the country of courtesy.” We dislike separatism, but some people are practicing it. There were several student protesters from Hong Kong last month on the library walk. I talked to them, and no one supported Hong Kong to be independent. Well, as far as I know, a lot of people on WeChat accused of these student protesters as advocates for Hong Kong independence. It is not reasonable at all to charge someone based on where they are from without knowing their actual thoughts.

    As for Hong Kong, plenty of problems exist, as well. I was talking to a dozen of student protesters. They did not support Hong Kong independence at all, but their knowledge of politics and history of China was almost a zero. They were not aware that they were driven by ideology. People that are not aware of the existence of ideology will put limitations on themselves to be libelists, which is detrimental. They criticized how the Central Government in Beijing violated human rights and lacked democracy. I spent a long time explaining why China could not adapt to a western political system. Then I was asking them why Hong Kong went back to China, and no one could answer my question. That was a little bit shocking, to be honest. It was weird that people do not know their history, which only goes back for 20 years. I strongly recommend Hong Kong authorities to promote history and patriotism education in an effective way. In Hong Kong, the ideology manifests as the consent of the idea of equality, freedom, and democracy. It is more about the ideas. However, for the mainland, the ideology originates from early nationalism. We gathered together because we are Chinese ethnics. The differences between the two ideologies make people fail to satisfy the expectations for each other. This dissatisfaction is a substantial psychological gap.

    For the political system of China, We do not have suffrage here. It is more about meritocratic bureaucracy instead of direct democracy. It can be interpreted as elite democracy to some degree. It is the combination of selection and election. The reason that why China can not mimic the system of the western world is because of the different history, culture, and ideology with western countries. What the government of China needs is the check on the power of the leaders and reconsideration of the freedom of speech. As to me, I hope the level of the politicization of sciences and education can be relieved.

    Everything considered, the problem is that people are getting emotional instead of being rational. The assignment of responsibility and mutual attack is meaningless. The adversity of both sides will only hurt Chinese ourselves. Thus, I only feel upset about this situation and hope these riots can come into peace as soon as possible.

  15. Remember what happened in 06/04/1989 in China and what happened in 6/10/1987 in Korea.
    This is happening again in Hong Kong. Stand with Hong Kong students.

  16. FYI, the top Chinese part of the slogan, “光復香港時代革命”, means ‘Recover Hong Kong Era Revolution’. It’s not most Chinese people found it unhappy to standing with Hong Kong, but rather feeling uncomfortable by the words ‘光復’ and ‘革命’, which means ‘recovery’ and ‘revolution’ respectively. Personally, knowing the meaning behind, I don’t see it’s appropriate to have these political words painted around the campus.

    I presume the author(a Korean?) was blind to this sneakish gap in the message, as he quoted the photo anyhow without any explanation at all. I understand how he might feel an impulse to defend the freedom of speech. However, with this article, now I am here feeling hurt by dozens of biased ‘facts’ he listed in it against Chinese as a group. He literally pulled together all the online articles about Chinese government violating human rights and suggesting that this is what China does so it is happening to Hong Kong sooner or later.

    Honestly, I’ve been following up the news about Hong Kong from variety of sources since day one. Simply because I’m a Chinese, my best friend/roommate is from Hong Kong, and my favorite movies were made in Hong Kong. It concerns me and I eagerly want to know why it made us feeling awkward sometimes. The more I learn about it the more confused I am. It is like Malrence Chevalier’s reply from earlier, “when much is involved, it becomes not ‘simple’ anymore. It’s not straight right or wrong, nor straight them or us. Realize the fact that others are biased, you and me too.”

    1. I have been following in detail from the beginning also and maybe I can clear up some confusion.

      In Hong Kong, the Freedom Fighters are using the English translation: “Revolution of our Times” on all of their signs. It is clear that this slogan is misleading to their cause, but it is a catchy advertising-type of slogan. The movement is only asking for universal suffrage-not revolution. So the slogan is misleading and anyone reading it would be immediately confused and believe that it means revolution. So obviously, that would “trigger” mainland Chinese. But they are still not allowed to deface someone else’s sign. That is illegal.

      Now about having a “volatile” slogan on campus:

      In America we believe in having free expression of various ideas and we do not suppress ideas because they are volatile. But we do offer the opportunity for those who disagree to voice their disagreement on their own sign. So the mainland is free to have its own sign; correcting the Hong Kong sign. Also, universities are considered beds of ideas. There is more free expression of ideas on universities than any other place in America. So we do not want that free expression stifled.

      Now about the author’s position in naming the human rights abuses of the CCP and suggesting that Hong Kong does not want those abuses coming to Hong Kong. The author is exactly correct. This is the exact position that the Freedom Fighters have taken from the beginning. We know for a fact that the human rights abuses are factual. They have been checked out and they are not “biased.” They are accurate facts.

      The Freedom Fighters are demanding universal suffrage because they are AFRAID of the communist government in China. This is no bad reflection upon the Chinese people. They are only afraid of the Chinese government. The idea of having universal suffrage is to build a firewall between Hong Kong and the CCP.

      We do not want to make you feel hurt or awkward. But the root source of everything that is happening is coming from the backlash against the CCP. It is not coming from the author or the Hong Kongers. It is the CCP who must change and do better.

      This article explains how everything got started:

      The Protests: The Very Beginning:


  17. I am the one using paints to cover the nonsense and I think every Chinese with a sense of justice would do that. I am not suppressing the freedom of speech. What I have done is just the reverse: I was using my right of free speech to fight against the speech.
    Why Hong Kong wants “so-called” freedom? Have those “protesters” thought about the consequences if HK “leaves” China? I am not a supporter of CCP, but I am Chinese and I am a supporter of China, my country. HK wants the extension of its privilege as a special zone. That is why those “protesters” use violence to destroy HK?
    Also, I don’t understand why these HK students do such stupid things here. Your parents pay for you to come here to study, but what are you doing now? If you are really outstanding, try to prove it by getting better grades or even earn money by yourself! Don’t waste your time on this stupid behaviors!

      1. They probably will. But there is a serious ideological problem with doing this. It is actually a form of violence. Violence is not the correct way to handle the problem.

    1. Though I do stand with your point that the Hongkong riots are wrong and there is a right to freedom of speech, covering u pother people’s speech is no different than prohibiting it. The best response to them is to make our own statement.

    2. Hi. I was born in the United States. I am glad you came forward with this statement and I understand your concern.

      However, there is a fallacy in your logic. In fact, you DID suppress someone else’s speech. What you did is very much frowned upon here and it is also illegal. If caught, you could be arrested and punished for vandalism. You are not allowed to “deface” someone else’s sign.

      In America we believe that everyone puts their own idea into the middle and whoever has the best idea wins.

      You are welcome to express any idea you want here as long as it is not “libel” or “slander”.

      The way you express your free speech is to put up your own sign next to the other sign. Then you can explain on your sign why the other sign is wrong.

      Some of the comments that you have stated in your reply would be good ideas to put on your sign.

  18. Spies are everywhere, among all of us.
    So keep an eye open.
    Don’t trust anything at first sight, it’s probably biased, fake, or plain wrong.
    Don’t agree on “EVERYTHING” others say if you see speeches similar to your standpoint.
    Because realize: they may not actually be standing besides you. The slight difference that seems okay from their speech is what they want your opinion to be modified. If you totally agree on them. That’s the killing point which you usually cannot discern.
    When much is involved, it becomes not “simple” anymore.
    It’s not straight right or wrong, nor straight them or us.
    Realize the fact that others are biased, you and me too.
    It disappointed me to read most of the posts, I don’t want to dig into talking about it.
    There’s a lot I still want to say, but I’ll shut here.
    Good luck with the rest of you life, reader.

  19. Shame on this part HK students, especially we study at UCSD. They even don’t know think by themselves.
    HK is beautiful until they broken it for their selfish and stupid.

  20. If you consider peaceful protest as burning man alive, then go ahead. Mainstream media will never report this, they only show you what the police is doing, but never what the protesters (or terroists) are doing to innocent Hong Kong citizens. Viewer discretion is advised: https://youtu.be/5OgpqQhALDI

  21. Wake up! Our Chinese should not be brain washed by any one! Stop blaming HK people as splitters. We do need to stop violence but we should not stop people pursuing democracy in a peace way! Why do we feel that the negative reports of foreign governments are credible, but when we see the negative news of CCP, we feel that it is a deliberate smear of foreign countries? Look at YUZHANG SCHOOL, look at YONGXIN YANG, look at RED YELOW BLUE KINDERGARTEN , look at BFA HOULIANGPING! The truths has always been covered up!

  22. all these ccp supporters got brainwashed lmfao.. their parents probably went to beijing in 1989 june 4th… how ironic lol feel very sorry for them, but great job on brainwashing ur people ccp lol

    1. I didn’t know that Americans are brainwashed by the idea that Chinese are brainwashed, too! You guys use this word obsessively it’s pathetic.

    2. Always talk about what happened in the past, why don’t you talk about Vietnam war back then, i feel sorry for you guys too.

    3. You got brainwashed by western media lol… How could you bs about China without even being there? How great job the media against CCP had on brainwashing American people like you… and how stupid you are also surprised me indeed: just believe anything you hear about! But it’s ok, we all hear about American people are as stupid as you.

      1. Hey I was taught about the horrors of slavery in my American School. And about the atrocities led against the Native Americans. And my American news outlets constantly criticize our own government (which I think is good). In Chinese schools, do they teach about Tiananmen Square? Do they teach you about the Uyghurs? The American media does not work for its government; the Chinese media does. Take a step back and really think about this. We don’t have censors on everything that enters our country. We don’t block Facebook and Youtube here. PLEASE THINK.

  23. No matter where those kind of random violence happen it should be definitely stopped. I mean do you really have any purpose? Is there anyone that can control the “protest” ?
    Look what you did to your own city, satisfied? In name of Hong Kong?

    1. Yeah lol I hate it when people sacrifice things for freedom. Disgusting. What do Hong Kong people think they deserve? Rights? GROSS. I hate those

  24. “Ideas win because of the merit of its arguments, not by who can yell the loudest.”
    Yo, since the author urges us to support Hong Kong’s freedom, can you tell us what are they fighting for? What is their ultimate goal? To earn human basic rights? Don’t be so vague and be real and tell us what the protesters want. THEY WANNA BE A PART OF UK AND BE COLONIZED AGAIN or THEY WANT TO LEAVE CHINA AND BE INDEPENDENT. The author wants us to support such a statement from people who quit school to destroy their own city, as if destruction will automatically grant them what they want, independence.
    BTW, here are some true facts from a Fujian born and raised student whose closest friend is HK born and raised:
    1. I have never received “Beijing” financial support in order to study in UCSD. My family is able to support my spending without “being taken away human rights”
    2. Beijing never wanted to “put out” the fire because these protesters are destroying their own homeland and demanding unreasonable “freedom” (they don’t wanna be Chinese)
    3. My close friend, whose family is entirely born and raised in HK, has witnessed the protesters getting paid in the airport after successful disruption of airport traffic. Can the author explain how do these protesters maintain a living if they have been out of jobs since May??
    4. The same HK friend, who studies in the states, had been so worried about her family. Now her family has actually left HK for Guangzhou because of the chaos. They were born and raise in Hk and they are forced to seek safety in mainland.
    5. Shenzhen is the closest mainland city to Hong Kong. Can the author elaborate on why it is so dramatic and bad for China’s part for troops to defend Shenzhen if riots invade across the border?
    I look forward to a follow-up article from Sean Kim. There are many “unequivocally false” statements in this irresponsible writing. You can’t tell UCSD to state that they support HK because there is no actual cause to this movement.

    1. if u really pay attention to the protest you should know they claim the 5 demands all the time AND NONE OF THEM SAYS THAT THEY WANT TO BE PART OF UK AND HK TO BE INDEPENDENT FROM CHINA. What bs is that. Fake news like that were spread by the chinese gov to start conflict between the two. And most of my hk born and raised friends support this protest otherwise there would not be 2M people on the street. Your 1 HK BORN ABD RAISED FRIEND cannot represent them at all.

      1. This is from Wikipedia, not monitored by Chinese government : the aims of the protests have evolved from withdrawing the bill to fighting for greater freedom and liberties. As many people said in this comment section, these violent protesters demand anarchy now because they hate the current government but they are not able to rule the city as an independent sovereignty.
        Also, the 5 demands contradict themselves. Can you tell me how on earth can the violent protesters bring so much destruction and still demand to not be called rioters and be guilt-free? and to investigate the police?? They basically are asking for independence and anarchy. I don’t know how to understand their demands… could you care to explain each one of the demands to me and explain how these will help with Hong Kong’s future? Thanks!

      2. And you speak of most of your hk friends’s opinions, let me tell you, ALL of my hk friends who study abroad hate the violent protesters to guts. They have to witness their homeland being destroyed and their families in random danger. No rational person will support that kind of movement.
        Also, tell me why China wants to start conflict between HK and mainland. We regard HK as a part of China, why on earth do we want to divide? It makes so much more sense for USA to spread fake news to bring conflict to China. Please explain and use some evidence, thanks.

      3. Did you really know those 5 demands? The HK government has responded to all demands, but they required the government to drop the charges of “protesters”. What???? Those “protesters” broken the law, they require government to punish the policemen but can’t punish “protesters” who rioted???? If people ignore the rule of the law, how do they make HK better???? For example, if people do not satisfied with the government, just going outside to riot, the government will listen to you, and you will not be punished. Wow! I believe most rioters and terrorists all around the world would like to live in this wonderful society!

  25. I don’t blame the mainland chinese students who do not understand the protesters. One word can explain their behaviors: “PROPAGANDA”

    1. Let me answer your question Jose
      We Chinese people don’t care about freedom of speech and human rights. Why would we? As long as we have money to spend, we have food to eat, we can afford fancy stuff or drive a nice car. Why would we care if we can speak freely or not. Why would we care if someone experience political persecution. As long we we play by the party rules, we are fine. No one told you to be a rule breaker. We are happy and we are selfish unlike you HK people judging us at a moral high ground. Sorry we are not compatible with the rest of the world that’s what makes us communist.

        1. Be careful Seattle men. You are telling us if we in Beijing, the China government will do something if we talk crap about china? Is like telling everyone china don’t have freedom of speech. Don’t say that. We can’t tell the truth. This is Inciting subversion of state power. You gonna go to jail.

      1. Fine. But what are you going to do someday when the party makes a rule and you decide that you just cannot conscientiously abide by it?

        That day will come for many.

        Will YOU be the next one who gets arrested and tortured?


      1. Not a wise move my friend. If China ever tries to take over the United States, we will NUKE THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

        You might want to reconsider your position.

  26. Fun Fact btw, we HK police are using expire China made Tear Gas which contain cyanide. Couple days ago we fire over two thousand rounds inside a university against these student rioters. We gonna poison you all if not you still suffer from health issues for the rest of your life.

    1. You have also poisoned a lot of innocent people, and there are several birds and one cat who has been killed.

      That is communism.

  27. Freedom of speech my ass. If you think supporting terrorism is freedom of speech, try it and see what FBI will do.

  28. This is a brilliant paper! I wish you can come to my office hour so we can discuss further details on how you poop so well

  29. HK police need to shoot all the “rioters” to death. NO Mercy
    These kid range from 12 to 30 skip school or their job messing around the city in chaos. It’s like the majority of the people in Hong Kong are all rioters. We need to bloodwash the city because is too many of them. Maybe no one gonna survival this after the bloodwash which is fine. One China ~ replace all the citizens in HK with Mainlanders.
    Best solution

    1. Yea lets bloodwash China as well. Dont forget what happen in 06/04/1989.If we burn, you burn with us.

      1. Why burn with you guys? Only u guys are toxic to the country. Toxic ppl should get genocide. If u guys would have done it in the US, you would have been shoot to death already.

      2. Just tell me. What’s your justification for blocking streets, pouring gasoline all over a HK citizen and igniting it, beating innocent people, throwing Molotov into the crowd? You are acting terrorism in the name of justice. What’s the difference between you and the ISIS? Also, tell me why should the authority release those rioters who broke the law and caused significant harm to others? If these things are justifiable to you, why can’t we do the same to you? Why can’t burn all your families alive and bury them in the name of justice?

    2. On the other hand, we could just kill all of the communists and the world would have everlasting peace.

      Simple solution to a difficult problem.

  30. Did the author put those guys that failed to reach their offices or schools because of the blocking of streets into that number “1.7million”?
    It is so called “a fight against tyranny” that smashed plenty of stores, buses, and metro. Should UCSD stand for such behavior? Check this: https://youtu.be/V9nNeO0yWyk if you want to have a deeper understanding about the movement.
    At last, I believe every international students at UCSD from China will stand with Hong Kong since we will stand with everyplace inside our territory. Unfortunately you guys are not “Hong Kong” and actually it is you guys who cause the disorder and destruction of Hong Kong right now.

  31. For the following analysis on the paragraph presented above, I will properly infer from the author’s “persuasively” biased narrative.
    First, let’s put out the grade on this essay first. This article is “unequivocally false’ and it “denies basic facts” under numerous circumstances. Even the author seems to agree with the fact that the protest is “a larger scale movement against the future of Hongkong”.
    While criticizing China’s “rampant human rights violations”, the protesters seemed to forget what human rights are during the violent and brutal vandalism and destruction they have done. The word double standard is quite generous in describing the protesters’ behaviors and falsely deducted ideologies. In fact, triple standard is providing a fairer depiction of the situation if not less. “[T]he protests in Hong Kong is not only a fight for democracy, but also a fight against tyranny” and also a fight against its own socio-economic status, its own community, its own culture, and its own roots.
    “[T]he escalation of violence in the protests, from both protestors and police” are not alike. One thrives to escalate and the other intends to deescalate. The word choices in this article is quite a masterpiece. I bet the author has studied LTCS 132. Special Topics in Social Identities and the Media as well as LTCS 260. National Cultures, but only in the most wrong ways, sadly. I am not sure if there is any economics incentives for UCSD to be participating in this matter but I am doubting if there is any economic incentive for the publisher UCSD Guardian behind all of these. The article also tries to point out that, out of the international student body, “many of whom are dependent on financial aid from Beijing”. Please do a fact check and shame yourself, would you?
    Stop your “pro [Hongkong] narrative and silencing opposition abroad” in favor of “foreign power’s interest”.
    Just like the article stated, “Ideas win because of the merit of its arguments, not by who can yell the loudest”, guess who is yelling while having no arguments in their hands? Sorry, yelling is merely nothing. Destroying. Hurting. Setting up fire. Creating chaos would be more appropriate.
    And one more thing, US Immigration Department won’t take useless people like you because the only thing you have is time and energy that have nowhere else to be spent.

  32. That’s how u called “protest”, by setting unarmed people on fire who had different opinion. Check out how Martin Luther King advocated Non Violence protest for black folks human right back then. They clearly did not setting people on fire and stopping public transportations. It is TERRORISM!

  33. I’m a student from mainland, China. I feel very sad to see what is happening in Hong Kong now. Most Hong Kong people and mainland people are from the same race. We are all Chinese. We are all from a country with glorious cultures and histories. We are families. I choose to stand with Hong Kong because I know many Hong Kong residents love peace and they are protesting for democracy in a right way. I also want to blame those people who use violence to protest. You are destroying Hong Kong, not saving her. I think the tragedy in Hong Kong is caused by the government in Hong Kong and Beijing. Many people from mainland was affected by the news they saw from the websites controled by CCP. They saw only the pictures and videos which lots of people broke social facilities and attacked polices. The protest was begun from months ago. The situations didn’t get really worse at first. The government didn’t provide any effective methods to stop the conflicts. The government only let the clash between black shirt protestors and HK polices to become worse and worse. The news was all about the condemnation of the mob in mainland. No one cared about how to solve the conflicts and people from mainland misunderstood HK people. They think HK people were trying to split from China. The propaganda from China government successfully put mainland and Hong Kong on the opposite side. That’s why the problems in HK is lasting for months and the conflicts between HK and mainland is getting worse and worse. I just want to say that, there are still people understanding you, my Hong Kong families. Please stop using violence, or things will become uncontrollable. Please don’t hate mainland people. We still stand with you! I love HK, because I love every place in China. I am proud to be a Chinese. We should unite together to fight for our own rights, to fight for freedom!

    1. Well said. I am also a student from mainland China, and I support HongKong protest as well. (Although I do condemn recent violence.) I really hope all people in HongKong can keep their democracy and continue to thrive. 😉

      1. Support. The very reason of the chaos is the government’s indifference and letting the police violence to escalate. The HK government and CCP never look at themselves but only blame others. If the government had responded in June right after the mass protests broke out, this would have just ended. Yet they never admit their own faults and let things go worst.

  34. There’s just so many make ups and guessing without evidence…
    I’m a member of CSSA. In your article you says that we got paid by Chinese government to “draft a pro-China narrative and silence opposition abroad”.
    So could you tell me how much and when we gonna receive the money from CCP please? Thank you so much

  35. Just wanna point out one thing beyond what are already addressed, he wrote:
    we cannot allow the exportation of forced silence

    Then please explain why is Facebook and Instagram deleting hundreds of posts about Hong Kong police trying to defend themselves against gasoline bombs, rubber bullets and knifes.

    In addition, even though your proposal holds water to every extent (which clearly is not), how do you plan to stand with HK, ASIDE FROM writing a bunch of graffiti on campus?

    Both HK and mainland are part of China, and I stand with HK police.

    1. Facebook and Instagram are deleting posts because they are illegitimate posts. Based on the IP addesses, they are coming from inside the Great Firewall. This is not supposed to be possible, so it is assumed that the CCP is doing it and the posts are being deleted because they are in violation of the terms of service.

  36. You know what? I was wrong about china. We Americans and the rest of the world love china. WHO DOESN’T LOVE MONEY? Look at population in China, if all of them spend a dollar on us. We are rich. Who cares about freedom of speech as long as we are wealthy. If China want us to shut up, we shut up. Cash is King.
    We love you CPC. Welcome to America

  37. Plz open ur eyes check out what happening in Hong Kong rn! Your streets are full of brakes and broken glasses. Ur children has no where to receive education. Top universities in Hong Kong cancel their following classes. Is is the freedom ur fighting for? You claim that you protest for freedom but what u r doing is disrupting everyone’s lives and isolating people who disagrees with u. So shut ur f up until you open your eyes

  38. I have lived in both Mainland and Hong Kong. I really feel Mainland nowadays is much more sophisticated than HK, and people enjoy Most Freedom in China except do the violence toward others even police. Frankly speaking, I feel people in mainland do a better job in respecting others. I don’t understand why HK people hate to be a part of Mainland … just my personal opinion…

  39. We don’t need you white trash teach us how to rule our country. If you don’t follows the rules in our part, we will put you in prison and shut you up. We can arrest your entire family even your eighty years old grandma. That’s how we do things in china. You don’t talk shit about the CPC. “WE OWN YOU” Every Chinese people have to obey the rules. CPC is always right. We don’t make mistake.
    You scums in Hong Kong. We feed you and we give you opportunities. You should be grateful and live like a damn PIG.
    Why the fuck you need freedom of Speech ? You don’t need that. Do pigs have rights ? NO they Don’t
    All HAIL CPC

    1. The year of 9012 almost passed, how comes you have such ridiculous ideas in your mind? You think you know China well? Have you ever been to China? You are a shame of UCSD. UCSD never taught students to stand with violent, never taught student to use such words. UCSD taught student to think deeply and widely.

  40. You should go to see what these “peaceful protester” really did in Hong Kong before writing this nonsense. They bring a mega city into complete chaos while saying they are protect Hong Kong. lol

  41. F- Paper
    Evidence illy presented
    No connection established between claim and evidence
    Quit writing nonsense and attend TA session please.

  42. LOL, how do you know China forces ethics to do things they are not willing to do?

  43. All you anti-china POS need to shut the fuck up. We gonna put all these Hong Kong scums to re-education camp just like what we been doing for decades.
    All HAIL CPC

  44. Does the author of this article contain all the facts? The protesters poured unidentified liquids on others and set them on fire. Is this still a reasonable protest? This is a terrorist attack.

    1. Two individual people made their own individual decision to light someone on fire without asking the other 5 million if it was a good idea. Use your head. That is what God gave you a brain for — so you can use it.

  45. Yeah guess pornhub won’t delete them pro-ccp footage and videos. BTW check this out, https://youtu.be/vJcdT0yd1As

    Ay if you feel like these are peaceful and righteous plz help yourselves. BUT plz freedom fighters don’t track me down on my IP and burn me ass on fire imma just a broke ass boi.

  46. As a Korean I totally support Kim’s idea! With our Confucius based culture, we are much more generous than Chinese people. Also, I have to say that according to our history book, we developed Yellow River civilization in thousand years ago! So everything in China actually belongs to Korea.

    1. I have Korean friends and I totally respect Korean, but China has 5k years history. What are you talking about? Girl has to grow up.

    2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      if you don’t know how to use your brain, please donate it. (i mean if you really have one.)

    3. Have you learnt any history? Confucius is from China! According to your logic: Korea is based on Confucius culture and Confucius is from China, shouldn’t Korea belong to China? Also, it is none of your business if you are Korean. Or did someone pay you to let you put nonsense here?

  47. Y’all protestors are destroying the city, setting fire to the metro station and stabbing police in the neck. You pushed kindergarten kids to frontline and you took pictures of them getting shot by tear gas trying to gather globe attention. You are telling me this is how you promoting freedom? HongKong has always belonged to China! So now CUT YOUR BS and get you ass to Geisel studying your final!!!

    1. Why you do write racism and terrorism words on that graffiti wall? Because there are always topics you shall never talk about. I believe disrupting a country’s territory integrity is one of them too.

    2. Hong Kong protesters say they are fight for freedom of speech while dont allow any opinion that disagree with them…

  48. This author really think that catastrophic protest happens for a reason. Go check what those freedom fights really doing in HK. Hope those protesters light Seoul up with burning beer bottles. That smoke must be kimchi smell.

  49. This author really think that catastrophic protest happens for a reason. Go check what those freedom fights really doing in HK. Hope those protesters light Seoul up with burning beer bottles. That smoke must be kimchi smell.

  50. What is happening in China do not need any foreign political forces to try to get into it. Besides, ICSD is a place to study, not a place for anyone to show support to the crazy protestors which marked themselves as freedom fighters.

    1. Say whatever the fuck you want people because this is America. (Friendly reminder – DON’T DO THIS IN CHINA BECAUSE WE GOONNA PUT YOU IN “re-education camp” like Xinjiang)
      All HAIL CPC

      1. Do you know about China? Have you ever been to China, if no, please shut ur up and see what truly is happening. How comes a guy from UCSD uses such rude words about something he or she never know?

  51. Yeah that’s why you guys need us army stay in jeju to protect your ass. Idk why you are talking bullshit here, go back to Geisel and study for your final please.

  52. Supporting free speech does not mean supporting the freedom of Hong Kong. Are you aware of what you are talking about? Are you sure your title matches what you are arguing for? This paper is totally bullshit and I cannot relate at all.

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