Ray at Night (Janurary 9, 2016)

Date: Jan. 9, 2016, 6 p.m.– 10 p.m.

Forget the iconic sand-and-surf San Diego trope for a moment and indulge yourself with the often underrated indie and quasi-grunge side to this city of the sun. Located at the heart of San Diego’s art district, North Park is the summer concert in the middle of winter you’ve been dreaming of. For two years, Ray at Night has been the epicenter of live music, native artisans, locavore eats and a celebration of all things that symbolizes San Diego’s diverse and unequivocated art culture. Every second Saturday of the month, San Diego’s underground best curates a feast for the eyes, ears and mouth, and this upcoming Saturday promises just that. Showcasing the talent of local musicians, from the raw, electronic guitar riffs of Rever to the eclectic stylings of Aaron Bowen, or the soft acoustic works of The Valantry and hymnal, ethereal vocals of Kevin Erskine, Ray at Night demands the attention of festival enthusiasts and presumptuous vinyl owners alike. All the while, vendors line the block with handmade jewelry, decor and crafts, and food trucks strategically situate themselves in the midst of those with a ravenous appetite and a palate for local favorites. Free and open for all, Ray at Night is a San Diegan treasured tradition, and rightfully so.