Cycling team prepares for big race


Guardian Staff

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The UCSD Cycling club will host a Criterium style race on Sunday, March 1.

The UCSD Cycling Team, operating as one of UCSD’s club sports, will be hosting a large-scale bicycle race on Sunday, March 1, that is open to intercollegiate racers as well as racers from around the Southern California area. This event is in its first year of operation after taking over eight months of preparation and planning, and is a Criterium-style race, where up to 100 cyclists race for a set period of time (25 minutes for beginners, over 75 minutes for advanced riders) on a short, closed course.

The race will be held on the loop created by Athena Circle and Health Sciences Drive out by the Moore’s Cancer Center. The course is undoubtedly challenging, requiring tactical savvy to navigate the turns and chicane, as well as brute strength to face the elevation gain lap after lap. It will be an exciting, spectator-friendly race that ends in high-powered sprint finishes.

There will be several races throughout the day with no downtime in between, allowing spectators to arrive anytime throughout the event and catch the action. The UCSD students will begin racing at 9:40 a.m. and continue through the early afternoon. Top-level riders begin racing around 1:30 p.m., with the race day culminating with domestic professionals and other high-level racers from the area at around 3:30 p.m. All spectators can enjoy the races from the sidewalks and designated areas.

                   The UCSD Cycling Race dovetails with the UCSD Cycling Team’s recent efforts to improve cycling participation, access and recognition on campus. The team is open to all UCSD students and usually retains participation of 50 to 60 student athletes. The team welcomes anyone — from the casual rider to the competitive one. New riders are encouraged to come out and meet the team and can find more information about the club or race by contacting one of the officers at