SoCal Healthy Living on a Budget

Love living in SoCal, but hate the excessive spending necessary to keep up with the latest trends? Here are some cheaper alternatives to your favorite fads that will leave you feeling just as great.

Yogi Life: Save on your monthly yoga membership fee and opt for free online videos. With a simple YouTube search and a mat or towel, your new yoga routine can be practiced at the park, in the comfort of your own home or even at the beach. Online yoga videos can range anywhere from 20 minutes to three-plus hours and are specified for anyone, from beginner to advanced.

Blendin’ Berries: The SoCal sunshine often inspires smoothie and acai bowl cravings. Rather than turning to an overpriced juice bar, head home to create your own fruity concoction. Blend together your favorite fruits, veggies and juices. In addition to having complete control over what is going into your body, this trick will save you big bucks, especially if you stock up on frozen fruit in bulk. To turn your smoothie into a bowl, thicken your juice with a banana and top it with your favorite granola and berries!

Spa Day: Sometimes you just have to treat yo’self! This spa day, save on your beauty products by making them yourself. To moisturize your face, whip up avocado, a little yogurt and a touch honey. Apply it onto your face then rinse with warm water after 10–15 minutes. This will ease your skin after a stressful week at school. Add a little lemon if you are looking to lighten dark spots or scarring on your face. To soften and add shine to your hair, heat some olive or coconut oil in the microwave. Massage it into your hair from the roots down and leave it for 20–30 minutes. Shower to rinse.