January 17th, 2012

{becssg}2012-1-16{/becssg}{becssg_c}0|basketball_brian_yip.jpg||The UCSD women’s basketball team won their 16th straight game after beating CSU East Bay and CSU Monterey Bay this weekend. Brian Yip/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|basketball_nolan_thomas.jpg||The UCSD men’s basketball team snapped their four game losing streak after beating CSU Monterey Bay on Saturday, Jan. 15. Nolan Thomas/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|calit2_andrewoh.jpg||Researchers at Calit2 are building a lifelike robot baby named Diego-san. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation. Andrew Oh/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|loftconcert_jody_mak.jpg||UCSD student band Tokyo Chan played at the Loft on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012. Jody Mak/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|pc_brian_monroe.jpg||Students enjoy a sunny day at Price Center. Brian Monroe/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|radicalrush_ericnye.jpg||Panelists including visual arts professor Ricardo Dominguez spoke at UCSD Radical Rush Week’s event at Porters Pub on Wednesday, Jan. 11. Eric Nye/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|reissmemorial_brian_monroe2.jpg||The parents of Karen Reis, a 2009 UCSD graduate murdered Jan. 1 in Coronado, spoke in her honor at a memorial held by the athletics department on Saturday, Jan. 12. Brian Monroe/Guardian{/becssg_c}