Publication incites reproach from A.S.

A publication entitled “”Jizzlam, An Entertainment Magazine For the Islamic Man”” was distributed at UCSD on June 4, eliciting strong reactions from the campus community, including a letter addressed to the UCSD community from Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Joseph Watson, calling the publication “”deplorable,”” a resolution passed by the A.S. Council at its meeting late in the evening of June 4 condemning the publication and other “”recreational hate,”” and numerous reactions from Muslim students during the public input section of the meeting.

The 16-page publication, which was indicated as “”Volume 63, Issue 2,”” did not identify the authors or the organization responsible.

“”Of course that was the Koala,”” said Jeremy Rode, who served as a principal member to the Koala last year and said he “”hangs around the office”” now that he is a graduate student. “”It’s just another Koala. Who else would do that?””

A first draft of a resolution drafted as emergency legislation prior to the A.S. Council meeting was removed from the agenda after being rejected by the internal committee. This decision prompted over a dozen Muslim students and members of the Muslim Student Association to urge the council to reconsider.

“”The woman on the cover, she was covered from head to toe just the way I am,”” said MSA member Muslema Purmul. “”If you knew how hard it is for the Muslim sisters to be walking around campus today, you’d be shocked.””

The version of the resolution was reintroduced to the council and passed 13-2-3 after multiple amendments to wording pointing to a “”continuing problem of recreational hate this past academic year,”” reaffirmed the council’s commitment to the Principles of Community, and thus “”condemned the Jizzlam publication as hateful.”” It also calls for the A.S. Council to hold an educational dialogue event with college councils, UCSD student organizations and the San Diego community to “”begin to work toward a more accepting campus,”” before the end of 2003.

Watson’s letter echoed the reprobation.

“”The paper mocks Islam, its beliefs and practices, in a vile and obscene manner,”” Watson stated. “”Apparently intended to hurt and degrade members of our campus community, this publication’s message of hate and disrespect is deplorable and deserves our strongest condemnation.””