Muirstock is a sure thing for hot bands

Starting at 1 p.m. on April 25 in the Muir Quad, a great, yet formerly underutilized service for UCSD students will be provided — Muirstock. There are a few hot local acts on the bill, giving UCSD a chance to see just how diverse and talented the city of San Diego really is, and it’s free! The corporate pigs of the music industry thrive on ignorance of such local underdog acts, but Muirstock is a chance for UCSD to be enlightened that San Diego does indeed have a strong local repertoire.

Courtesy of B-Side Players

Headlining are the B-Side Players, a San Diego seven-piece who have been playing in this town for 10 years. Frontman Karlos Paez, having grown up on the road in Mexico with his father’s band, Los Moonlighters, knows a thing or two about putting on a tasteful, high-energy show. Paez sings as well as plays trumpet over two percussionists, a drummer, sax, bass and guitar to crossbreed a Latin-rooted, “”War””-esque, polyrhythmic dance groove, still palatable to rockers due to its riffy-ness. The B-Side Players are an important staple to the San Diego scene, since they are a relatively successful act that attempts to erase the cultural border to our immediate south.

Another local staple and success, Pinback, will play just before the B-Side Players. Including members of the heroic Three Mile Pilot, this four-piece carries the torch of the indie, clean-guitar sound of San Diego, and its recent taste of success long overdue has been due to its persistence as well as its talent. With a ton of enjoyable songs on its setlist, including the radio hit “”Penelope,”” Pinback is sure to deliver.

Also on the bill is ReeveOliver, a three-piece comprised of two young hopefuls (Sean O’Donnell and Brad Davis on guitar/vox and drums, respectively) and one veteran of the San Diego music scene. That veteran on bass guitar is “”O”” (for Otis) of Fluf. Surely the hottest and freshest of the acts, these boys, young and old, have a sing-a-long set of clever, angsty anthems (including “”I’m Young and I’m Dumb””) with mathematically challenging indie riffs in between.

Among the warm-up acts is Psoma, a freshly formed, Los Angeles four-piece playing dynamic, melodic rock. Psoma’s frontman, Justin Fisher, has been involved with such acts as Shufflepuck and Nerf Herder.

Also to prelude is FoN, a young, punkish crossbreed six-piece (including a keyboardist) from San Diego, which when formed in ’97, prided itself on its 9-year-old drummer, Ilan Rubin. Ilan just graduated middle school.

Afternoon Muirstock appetizers will include Skapegoat, a seven-piece, quirky, ska/punk band from Northern California, Unbound and The Big Sound.

Muirstock is a perfect opportunity for UCSD students to check out the diversity of San Diego’s local scene as well as test-taste a few other flavors. Don’t miss out!