Robin Shelton currently serves as the commissioner of athletics. He was appointed to the newly created position winter quarter, and he used his short term to get the office on its feet. He worked before his appointment to expand the spirit organization Triton Tide.

Robin Shelton

The Guardian believes Shelton has the experience, know-how and vision to continue the progress already made in the area of athletics relations.

Shelton serves on Triton Athletes Council, chairs Triton Tide, played as a member of the intercollegiate men’s golf team for two years and has the desire to advance athletics and improve spirit at UCSD.

As commissioner this year, he headed the task force for the development of the athletics fee referendum, an item the Guardian feels is vital for UCSD. He worked to represent undergraduates in the development process.

The Guardian feels that the ideas Shelton has presented and the motivation he has demonstrated more than qualify him for the position of commissioner of athletics.