Bradley Beggs

In search of peace and quiet,

I found cicadas.

Their loud chirps and monotonous hum

breaking the silence I sought after.

The conversations with myself

and sounds of the city below

all accompanied by the draining

of these unrelenting bugs.

How long have they shared their voices?

Did the ancients too discover places of serenity?

Only to be met

with a cacophony of natures’ loudest musicians?

In this, I find comfort –

knowing that other pursuits of quiet contemplation have suffered the same fate.

The cicadas tell me of their place in history: 

as long as we are here to listen, they will sing.

My journey away from the noise

only brought me to a louder place, still,

I grew to cherish their old voices

and began another search for peace and quiet.

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash