DISREGUARDIAN: My Tips for a Successful Spring Quarter

DISREGUARDIAN: My Tips for a Successful Spring Quarter

Samantha Phan

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco from Unsplash 

Let’s be honest, Winter Quarter was a bit rough for everyone. The air was cold, the skies were dark, and so many of our classes were online. A truly awful experience for everyone involved. But now the rain has passed and spring is here! It’s time to leave the past behind us and move into Spring Quarter. Here are some of my tips for a successful quarter filled with productivity, fun, and self-care. 

First, you must start developing your skincare routine. Having a process that I repeat every day really improves my mental health. The best way to do this is by purchasing the Natural Pacific Oil Goat Butter Organic Moisturizer. Let me tell you, this product completely changed my life! Not only is it goat butter-based but it also contains sunflower essence, bok choy infusions, and mineral dirt shipped all the way from the Himalayas. I went from using regular, drugstore moisturizer to this and now I can never go back! Though my skin is still covered with acne, I can feel it becoming more rejuvenated and bright. The product also has anti-aging effects, which I will finally see the results of 15 years from now. 

I highly recommend this product for everyone; using it in the morning is enough to get some pep in my step for the rest of the day, which is something we all need going into Spring Quarter. To get it, just head to your local witch doctor with the blood of a virgin (for sacrificial purposes, of course) and pick some up for the low price of $48.99. 

The next thing that I recommend is finding a way to get organized. For me, planning out my day and all of the tasks that I need to get done relieves my anxiety about school and work. This takes different forms for different people. You might use a planner, a calendar, or even an app. I personally like using the app Achieve. This app completely changed my life. Achieve is an app that helps you organize your day. On the app, you can add events to your calendar and it will send you a reminder when it is time for it to start. So helpful! You can also create tasks and check them off as you complete them. Just download Achieve on iOS or Android for $20.00 a month.

Now, you may be thinking that this sounds exactly like every other calendar app. However, Achieve is far more advanced than any other scheduling application you have seen. This app lets you choose from over 10,000 colors for your reminders. You also have the special ability to print out your schedule if you would like to reduce your screen time. This vast number of original abilities separates Achieve from any other app you might like to use. Who needs Google Calendar for the same user experience when you could be using  Achieve? If you want to have a successful Spring Quarter, Achieve is the way to go. 

The final tip that I have for you all is to focus on your mental health. I know that many of us experienced a pitfall in our will to live last quarter due to it being online, so it is more important now than ever to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Try picking up a new hobby or scheduling breaks for yourself. If you feel the need to, talk to a professional about how you feel. 

If all of those things seem a bit hard, do not worry. You can also try the Spirit Aligning Aura Cleansing Mood Ring. I bought one of these last quarter (on sale for $1,300) and it completely changed my life. I am more aware of my emotions than ever before. For example, a few weeks ago my dog died. I was extremely distraught and in a relatively bad place. I thought this could be because I was sad but, from one look at my mood ring, I realized my mistake. The green on the jewelry told me that I was actually jealous! This gave me a whole new perspective on my grief for my dog, and I was able to move on from my jealousy to after eight days when the ring finally changed from green to red for anger. In fact, it is still on anger now, and I write this as I seethe with rage. This ring helped me move forward in a healthy way, something that you too can experience. Just order it on Amazon and you will be set. 

I hope that you all enjoyed these tips for a great Spring Quarter. Together, we can work hard and develop great habits that will make our next quarter a success. Make sure you all take care of yourselves! I believe in you!

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