DISREGUARDIAN: Modern Hypebeast: 3 Reasons You Should Join New-Age Streetwear

Photo by Luca Merz on Unsplash

The return of hypebeast culture has become a widespread phenomena sweeping the nation among young adults. You’ve probably mindlessly scrolled through your Instagram feed viewing the plethora of oversized sweatshirts to baggy jeans and have found a liking towards this new and refined style. The look of a clean and crisp beige hoodie paired with a fresh pair of Jordans has probably caught your attention, and now you’re hooked.

So, forget about the Balenciaga sneakers and Off-White crossbody bag, because I’m here to tell you three reasons why you should dive into the world of the modern hypebeast.

  1. It’s affordable and accessible to all

Now, you’re probably wondering, “How much will all of this cost?” But, don’t worry, the center of your look will usually be based on one article, and one article only: your shoes. With the rise of the sneakerhead cult, you’re sure to find yourself the most inexpensive and absolute most “drippy” sneakers to top off your look. From Air Jordan 1 ‘Dark Mochas’ to Nike Dunk Lows in ‘Black White’ you’ll find yourself spending a reasonable $300-$600 on StockX.com on a pair of sneakers. As college students, these are the most affordable types of shoes you can buy that will make everyone turn their heads in your direction. Depending on the colorway, these sneakers will match with almost everything you wear, so you should most definitely add them to your cart if you plan on dressing like your favorite Instagram influencer. While you’re at it, don’t forget to add the one and only North Face Puffer Jacket at the low cost of $280! We live in Southern California; the weather drops to a freezing 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night!

  1. It’s unique

If you’re anything like me and have a raging individuality complex, the modern hypebeast look will have you feeling different from everyone else. With a lack of color and dull silhouette, you’re sure to break necks.

So let’s build a foundation for your ideal outfit: This Fear of God Essentials hoodie ($90), some nice khaki pants that you may be able to purchase at your local thrift store, and paired with one of the sneakers mentioned above will surely make a fantastic outfit. If you would like to accessorize and you’re not much of a hat person, try and switch it up with a nice “Fitted” cap that will only cost you $65! This boxy silhouette will make you feel like none other as you walk down the steps of Peterson hall. 

  1. You don’t have to purchase colorful clothing

Lastly, to achieve this modern hypebeast look, you have to get rid of every article of clothing in your closet that is part of the rainbow. I will say that the only exception to implementing any bright color to your wardrobe can only be through your sneakers. The key to success in building the optimal outfit is simply sticking to neutral tones, specifically earth tones. Think eggshell, sandy beige, and a simple black shade to build your outfit. If you’re thinking about adding a pop of color to foundational pieces such as your shirt or pants, you’re only allowed a nice forest, pastel green. Adding any other color that is even close to hex #9B59B6 will taint your outfit and simply does not align with hypebeast culture. The point is to stick out in the crowd, and if everyone is wearing ocean blues and fuschia, your outfit will definitely catch someone’s eye.

In conclusion, if you want to stand out this Spring quarter, consider spending your entire paycheck on new and trendy clothes that will definitely not go out of style. Add all those items to your cart and be ready to strut your stuff along Library Walk!

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