7 Haikus that Encapsulate Winter Quarter


Bradley Beggs

Photo via Jules on Unsplash

  1. Week 1

Oh no, here we go

Another quarter to come

Maybe I’ll be fine

  1.  In the Deep End

Only Week 3 and

I am already drowning

I need a floaty

  1. Midterms 

I have not left the

Library in days. Do I

really need this class?

  1. Fresh Air

The stress is over

The air is sweeter… and hot

Time to hit the beach

  1. Back To Normal

Study, sleep, repeat

Hang with friends and go to work

Finals still lurking

  1. Finals

S.O.S send help

I didn’t study enough

Too many beach trips

  1. Spring Break

It’s over; it’s done

Now to enjoy this big life

Spring will be alright