My Top 3 Favorite Coffee Shops in San Diego

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Calling all coffee connoisseurs and tired college students! Just like everybody else, I’ve been quite burnt out and lacking motivation as we begin to approach the last few weeks of the quarter. And what’s one better way to fix all your problems instead of improving your work ethic and organizational skills? A good ole cup o’ joe.

I’m no different from every other college student and have developed a severe caffeine addiction. If you’re looking for some new cafes to try around San Diego, you’re in luck because I’ve spent most of my free time driving around the city to fulfill my desires. If you’re ever in these areas, check them out!

The Forum

Starting with my favorite cafe I have ever stumbled upon, The Forum. Located on Genesee Avenue, this quaint cafe has a large selection from cold brews, to lattes, to teas, to matcha. If you’re in the mood for something sweet or bitter, they got you covered. One sip of their coffee and you’ll be hooked. I recommend that you try “BB Code,” a cold brew made sweetened with their in-house banana milk. Also, grab a chocolate croissant or cardamom while you’re at it! Not only do they have drinks to quench your thirst, but they have fresh pastries every day. They also offer a decent amount of space for people to study and work. And I know you’re probably in desperate need of studying for that chemistry midterm. Adorned with string lights and plush sofas, this comforting atmosphere might just help you get out of your mid-quarter funk.

Shaka Coffee

Shaka Coffee is a small coffee shack chain located along Balboa Avenue and Mesa College Drive that you have probably driven past multiple times but didn’t blink an eye. They specialize in a wide variety of Hawaiian coffee, creating beverages reminiscent of popular flavors in Hawaii. It’s a change of pace from the usual cinnamon and spice you may get with your coffee. I recommend the “Aloha White Mocha”, a sweetened white chocolate mocha with a kick of banana and coconut syrup — with oat milk, of course. They also offer fruit smoothies and acai bowls if you’re not in the mood for the usual fuel. Since these two locations are simply walk-up stands, they offer a limited amount of seating if you wish to study here, so plan accordingly!

Communal Coffee

Located near the heart of North Park, Communal Coffee is sure to catch your eye. Situated right next to a luscious plant shop, this is by far one of the largest coffee shops I have stepped foot in. Embellished with plants and modern architecture, you might find yourself wanting to stay and possibly chat with the stranger next to you. But beware, located on a busy street, parking is difficult and all tables, seats, and even the coffee bar are congested with college students “studying.” Despite this mild setback, I highly recommend you try their orange cardamom latte, a citrusy spiced latte that is sure to make you reminisce on cold weather and sweaters. Some may say it’s overrated, but I believe it’s a San Diego classic.

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