Spinning Twelves: “Lo siento BB:/”

Welcome to the first installment of Spinning Twelves, a new A&E column where we’ll be reviewing and talking about new singles from our favorite artists. We’ll also be taking reader suggestions for songs to check out and review!

In this week’s issue of Spinning Twelves we’ll be talking about Puerto Rican producer Tainy’s new single, “Lo siento BB:/,” from his newly-announced album. The track features a melancholic introductory verse by Mexican singer Julieta Venegas — known for the absolute banger of a song, “Lento” — and a verse from Latin America’s hottest musical export, Bad Bunny. Tainy’s track is relatively short, only three and a half minutes in length, but it doesn’t need any more than that to accomplish what it sets out to do. “Lo siento BB:/” is pretty bare bones in terms of production, employing the familiar dembow rhythm associated with reggaeton, a whining synth loop, and not much else. The minimal instrumentation leaves room for the song’s narrative, which is presented to us by a call-and-response approach between Venegas and Bad Bunny.

For the first minute of the song, Venegas seems to be trying to convince an old flame to open up to her, to let her back in after “una noche especial” (a special night). Her vocals are layered over nothing but a few chords, creating an intimate and vulnerable atmosphere. Towards the end of her verse, the whining synth comes in, building its way up to the satisfying moment where the beat kicks in and Bad Bunny begins his verse. Bad Bunny seems to be responding to Venegas’ pleading, as we see him return to his Sad Boy™ roots. He croons about his romantic past stopping him from pursuing anything serious, though it doesn’t seem to stop him from being DTF, as he sings “pa’ chingar sí, pero pa’ serio no” (down to f—, but not for anything serious). The boricua rapper resumes his beef with Cupid as well, rapping “Cupido es un huelebicho, ese cabrón siempre me miente” (Cupid’s a d— sniffer, he always lies to me). His verse on the song isn’t his most lyrically complex, and it’s certainly not his catchiest flow, but you get the sense that it’s not trying to be.

“Good” seems like an apt way to describe the single. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to its production and lyricism, and it’s not trying to. This track knows exactly what it is: a short and sweet urban ballad meant to pave the way for bigger and better singles from Tainy’s newly announced album. “Lo siento BB:/” is good, and that’s enough.

Grade: B-
Artists: Bad Bunny, Tainy, Julieta Venegas
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2021

Image courtesy of Reggaeton Sin Limites.

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