Exploring Los Penasquitos Waterfall

Looking for the perfect weekend hike to escape the deathly close finals scaries? Look no further than the Los Penasquitos Waterfall, a waterfall hike that doesn’t feel like it exists on the U.S. mainland. Just a 20-minute drive from campus, this hike and waterfall swim will be the mental break you’re looking for.

Rated an average 4.5 stars on the AllTrails app, this hike should be of high priority on your San Diego bucket list that you probably keep in the notes app of your phone. Additionally, there are multiple fun routes and starting points to this trail, some longer routes than others, but all guiding you to the waterfall. Depending on the weather, the waterfall can turn into a green, mossy, vivid fairy land.

In order to soak in the full experience of the sight, make sure to layer a swimsuit underneath your hiking clothes. When your eye meets the waterfall, it might look as though it’s only a shallow creek. But if you take a swim upstream and between the big rocks, you’ll find the peak of the experience as the water comes flowing down.

As a self-proclaimed waterfall chaser and nature spot goer, the Los Penasquitos Waterfall has become one of my favorite destinations in San Diego as it is the main local waterfall hike here. If you explore this destination and decide to post it on social media, be prepared for an influx of inquiries from those who are wondering about this natural gem. You might just introduce others to their new favorite waterfall hike too!

Photo courtesy of The Outbound.

5 thoughts on “Exploring Los Penasquitos Waterfall

  1. I see you’ve changed the picture without acknowledging your mistake in originally posting the wrong photo. You should at least have replied to my comment above acknowledging that the picture was incorrect, because now it looks like my comment was incorrect.

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  3. I don’t know where the photo for this article was taken but that’s definitely NOT the Los Penasquitos waterfall. The creek there drops through a natural rocky outcrop and there are no concrete storm drain structures there whatsoever. The photo more resembles Alvarado Creek near SDSU where it emerges from the tunnel beneath I-8 and then becomes Adobe Falls.

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