XOXO, Guardian Girl: Ready to Party


Colleen Conradi

Hey Girl, My 21st birthday is coming up, any recommendations for mixed drinks to make? Sincerely,  Ready to Party 

Dear Ready to Party,

I am so glad you asked this because I’ve been waitin’ for this one! If there are bars open near you, I assume you’ll be going to them, but if you need some pre-game inspiration or house party favorites, you’ve come to the right gal! Here are some of my go-to’s for a good time:

Dirty Shirley: This one is easy, cheap, and always a winner if you grew up drinking Shirley Temple’s! Here’s what you’ll need: Sprite (or a lemon-lime soda), grenadine, alcohol of choice (I prefer vodka!), and garnish with maraschino cherries!  

Sex on the Beach: If you’re into fruity drinks, especially peach ones, this one is for you! Also perfect if you can’t stand the taste of alcohol. You’ll need: 1–2 oz. of peach liqueur, 2–3 oz. of vodka, 2–3 oz. of orange juice, 2–3 oz. of cranberry juice, and if you’re like me, 0.5 oz. of grenadine. If you have a shaker handy (if not, stirring is fine!), pour about equal parts of each liquid (around 1–2 oz.) and shake with ice (add more or less of something to taste!). 

Electric Lemonade: This one is simple, yet effective and fun! Start with your desired amount of lemonade, about 2–3 oz. of vodka, 1–2 oz. of blue curacao, and 0.5–1 oz. of simple syrup for a tasty, electric blue cocktail! Pour over ice and if you prefer something bubbly, try adding in some club soda. 

Blueberry Mojitos: Now, these cocktails are a bit more involved, but always worth it! You’ll need: mint leaves, blueberries, 2 oz. of blueberry juice (or any other related berry juice — I get my blueberry juice from Trader Joe’s!), 1 oz. of sweetened lime juice, 2–3 oz. of white rum, and club soda. Take a few mint leaves and blueberries and muddle them at the bottom of your glass. Again, if you have a shaker on hand, put the remaining contents except for the club soda into the shaker with ice. Then, pour into your glass over ice and top with club soda! 

Ron-Ron Juice: I have to be honest – this is not my personal recipe, but for those of you who watched “Jersey Shore” and always wanted to try out Ronnie’s “Ron Ron Juice,” this one is for you! Get those blenders out because you’ll need: watermelon chunks, blueberries, cherries (optional), 2–3 oz. of vodka or white rum (I use Absolut Watermelon flavored vodka!), 2–3 oz. of cranberry juice, and ice. Throw all of the ingredients together and blend. In true “Jersey Shore” fashion, pour into a red solo cup and get dancing!

Lemon Drop: Okay, I know this is not what an “official” lemon drop is (most commonly made as a shooter, not a cocktail), but that’s what my mom calls it and I have never questioned it. Anywho, you’ll need: sugar, 2–3 oz. of vodka, 1–2 oz. of limoncello liqueur, 1 oz. of simple syrup, 1 oz. of lemon juice, and club soda (optional). Wet the rim of your glass and dip into a plate of sugar. Then, throw all of the other ingredients together over ice and you’re ready to go! 

Hopefully one of these speaks to you! Something you can also do to spice up any of the drinks listed above is to look for edible drink glitter to really dress up your cocktails. Also, if you or anyone else is looking for non-alcoholic drinks, all of these make great mocktails as well! If you tried these and want to give feedback, send an email over to [email protected]


Guardian Girl

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