Apps to Keep Busy with during Quarantine

Apps to Keep Busy with during Quarantine

Kiana Chegenizadeh

As the coronavirus pandemic lingers indefinitely, so does the boredom associated with quarantine. Humans are social creatures, and we are all struggling to stay sane while staying inside. This is where technology can be valuable; it keeps us preoccupied and allows us to escape our thoughts for a while. When the monotony of life takes over, the innovation of the 21st century jumps in; hundreds of apps are available for free. Rather than suggest any too-obvious options, I will offer a bit of a more unique variety. Whether you are sluggishly passing the days by or completely restless, here are some diversions to keep you busy. 

Google Arts and Culture

If you consider yourself an art aficionado, this app is perfect for you. Explore vast collections of paintings, artifacts, sculptures, artists, and art movements. There are comprehensive histories and details for everything. If you aren’t keen on art, delve into the many cultural and historical topics provided in the app’s “Themes” section. Expand your knowledge by reading up on weekly editorials, articles, and online exhibits that document various subjects, from generational fashion trends to natural history facts. The app’s coolest features are its interactive elements. Transport yourself to Paris as you walk through a virtual Musée d’Orsay. You can also participate in scavenger hunts, match your picture’s color palette to artwork, take selfies to find out what artwork you resemble, and much more. Tune into your cultural side; the opportunities are endless here!  

Screen capture of Google Arts and Culture

Mario Kart Tour

Are you more of a Yoshi or a Toad? Perhaps a Princess Peach? Whatever you are, play as your favorite character in the classic Nintendo creation now available for smartphones. Although it may not be as enthralling as your nostalgic Wii game, Mario Kart Tour has the potential of holding your attention for hours. The game features several cups, each of which have four unique racing tracks. Earn enough Grand Stars to progress to the next track. Obviously, the best part is collecting your beloved characters, karts, and gliders along the way. There is even a multiplayer option, so you can remotely play with friends. Rev your engines and race on! 


Some may find it absolutely hopeless to keep plants alive – their green thumb is nonexistent. Rest assured that your plants in Terrarium will never die. This aesthetically pleasing app lets you construct your own virtual terrarium by acquiring plants as you advance throughout the levels. The plants emit oxygen, which you gather as currency to pay for more plants, their upgrades, and boosters. The visuals, music, and sounds are soothing, so this app is helpful if you ever feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Although not a very complex game, it is nuanced and serves more as a cute personal catalogue for you to grow and admire. 

Photo courtesy of Terrarium

BitLife – Life Simulator 

This one is a game that you can quickly get addicted to. As the title suggests, you create a person and guide their decisions throughout life. You can choose to be nice and produce a happy, fulfilling life for your Bitizen or take the cynical approach and get them into loads of trouble. Control your Bitizens’s relationships, schooling, occupations, assets, and more. You can also win achievements, careers, challenges, heirlooms, and ribbons. The game updates often and has introduced several additions since its conception, so the experience is always surprising and entertaining. BitLife crowns you the all-knowing master of this wildly fun virtual universe. 

Stop – Categories Word Game

Stop is the equivalent to a one-on-one mobile Scattergories. This game requires a bit more brain power than the other ones on this list. You can play with either a friend or a stranger. Five categories are randomized,  ranging from topics like “Ice Cream Flavors” to “Super Bowl Music Performers.” Then, a letter in the alphabet is randomized. The objective of the game is to think of a word that starts with the chosen letter for each selected category, but you only have a maximum of one minute to think. If your opponent stops their turn earlier than one minute, then you get even less time. Stop has a tendency to make things competitive quickly, so put on your thinking cap for this one. 

Stop Game Example


The food videos you always see flood your Facebook timeline or Instagram explore page are probably from Tasty. From media giant Buzzfeed, Tasty is the best place to discover hundreds of recipes to recreate, or if you want, to watch videos for hours. Searching for recipes has never been easier, as the app organizes everything into accessible categories. Equipped with videos and step-by-step instructions, cooking novices can master dishes of their choice. Tasty also includes a helpful “Tips” section where users can give input on the recipe as well as submit photos of their recreations. All in all, it’s a handy app to get lost in. 

I hope some of these apps sound interesting enough to download and try out. If not, maybe they inspired you to seek out different ones that appeal to your own senses. Our once-active lives have become particularly tedious and dull, so finding new ways to keep busy is vital for getting through these times.