5 Best Apps to Use While Waiting for and Taking the Shuttle

I know, I know. The parking changes hit a lot of students very hard this quarter. I am now the proud owner of a Discount parking pass so I have to take the North Campus shuttle every day. Many students utilize all of the different shuttles to get around, even though we are always packed in like sardines after waiting 20 minutes for each shuttle to arrive. Here is an unequivocal list of the best apps to use while you have to wait for the shuttle: 

Tiny Tower Vegas Edition 

I know this game is old, but hear me out. The first time I played this game was probably around freshman year of high school. But recently, after re-downloading it, it definitely holds up. This game is perfect because you can accomplish a lot with only a few minutes of gameplay at a time. Your goal is to build a hotel with as many floors as possible, all while making money, restocking merchandise, and placing characters in their “dream jobs.” The best part of the game is that you can play simple casino-style games within your tower once you build the casino floors. There are slots, poker, and 21. Also, Tiny Tower does not need an internet connection so you can play in the Regents parking lot where internet connection refuses to exist. 

Pokémon Go 

Even though a majority of people stopped playing soon after the initial release, Pokémon Go is still super fun and it gets updated regularly. This game is perfect for being on the bus because while stuck in traffic, the bus moves slow enough for you to walk your eggs. Each time you walk two to 10 kilometers, you can hatch different types of Pokémon for your collection. For me, it is very therapeutic to catch my favorite Pokémon and it is nice to have a game where you can collect things and build on your progress. Even when you are not on the bus, the campus also has lots of Pokéstops and lots of active players who participate in raids so it is a great place to get legendary Pokémon. 


CodyCross is a perfect game for people who love doing crossword puzzles but are really bad at crossword puzzles. There are tons and tons of levels and the clues are a good level of difficulty; mostly easy and fun but with a few in each puzzle to stump you. The levels are also themed and once you get through each “world” you get another theme to focus on. As you progress, you can gain coins to use in case you really need help figuring out the answer to a clue. CodyCross is a great way to pass the time while still feeling like you are using your brain.


If you like arcade games, this is perfect for you. The objective is to collect more and more balls and then break blocks with them. If the blocks touch the ground before you break them, then you lose. This game always soaks up tons of time while you wait and it also does not need an internet connection. 


For not being a game, this app somehow takes up lots of my waiting time. Goodreads can function as social media if you want to add friends or interact with authors, but it can also be used without the pressure of interaction. If you have books, graphic novels, or authors that you have been meaning to read or follow, you can keep track of them by adding your favorite titles to lists. That way, if you ever do have time in the future to sit down and catch up on what you have been meaning to read, you have titles at your fingertips that you have already vetted and chosen in the past. Goodreads is also a great resource for new releases and well-thought-out reviews from real people.

So, next time you are stuck waiting for the shuttle, try downloading one of these new apps, if you don’t already have one, and try to zone out for a few minutes, at least until you get safely to your destination.

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