Lifestyle’s How To: Recover from Sun God

While Sun God Festival doesn’t really start until the afternoon, many start the … ahem, “festivities” in the morning and continue throughout the day and night, heading to social gatherings for further intoxication once Sun God has ended.

With the aftermath of Sun God’s carefree sentiment immediately followed by the midterm brutality, how does one transition out of music into midterm seamlessly? And for some, Sun God was preceded by Coachella or replaced by Stagecoach, so in this manic music festival mayhem, it is relatively easy to get swept away in a rave, leaving responsibilities at the shoreline of campus. What’s one to do? Read on for some tips and tricks Lifestyle has to help recover from the swell of the rave.

Cover the Bases — Make sure to eat, sleep, repeat. Following what Magnetic Magazine calls “an immersive festival experience,” the body is bound to feel burdened from the heat, bouncing from stage to stage and the all of the fist-pumping, legs-jumping to the beat of DJ Manila Killa.

  • Fuel a body that has danced through the weekend similarly to how one might follow up a workout with some protein. Make sure to have some protein-filled meals post-music festival. Some chicken McNuggets, bacon-wrapped anything and a protein bar is not recommended per se, but some beans, lentils or ground turkey should do the trick.
  • Sun God unfortunately throws UC San Diego from one extreme to the other. From high energy to high stress, the body does not get much rest in between. While there are midterms that come up on Monday, make sure that study time lost listening to Bad Suns is not compensated by sacrificing sleep. Here’s to hoping Sunday was filled with rest; but if not, catch a nap at The Zone, Women’s Center or dorm between class. Above all else, do not rely on energy drinks — nap away natural fatigue.
  • Heal with hydration. Standing under the sun and dancing for hours leaves the body pretty dehydrated. So do not forget to fill up the Nalgene with everyone’s favorite chemical compound, water.

Save the Skin — Glitter, liquid liner, Kim Kardashian level bronzer and a sunburn all call for a little dermal love and care.

  • At a music festival, SPF is often left behind in a mad rush to pack the fanny pack. Whether or not a sunburn comes at the cost of a dancing along to ScHoolboy Q, treat arms and legs with some aloe or the typical blogger favorite, Hawaiian Tropic After Sun lotion, for a skin refresher and cool-down. If there isn’t time to run to CVS, try applying some potato onto the skin — this carb-filled starch is known to soothe.
  • Shower. Please.
  • A face full of makeup, glitter, and, unfortunately, sweat, that has been exposed to the elements could use a little scrub and salvation. Try St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub or DIY an oatmeal face mask to clear those pores and soothe the skin.
  • Walking around for five hours isn’t too fun for those feet. Boil some water, add some Epsom salt, and soak for around 15 minutes to help those tired soles. Before going to bed, try putting a pillow under those toes, in the morning, they will be thankful.

Mindful Mentality — Music festivals are not just physically exhausting, but mentally too. Particularly when there’s a drastic turnaround of music sandwiched between midterms and papers.

  • Try some yoga to stretch out muscles that may have danced a little too hard or gotten injured on the Slip ‘n’ Slide. Practice breathing to re-enter the week with Youtube’s Yoga With Adriene, or just sit in silence for a bit.
  • Or perhaps “sitting in silence” is a touch too introverted for the people person. Have breakfast or take a walk with a friend or two before getting thrown back into Geisel. The Scripps Coastal Reserve is an especially good place to visit — a mere five-minute walk from campus can take anyone out of the studying sphere and into the land of blooming coastal sunflowers and blue waves.
  • Avoid loud noises. Kind of a given, but ears will probably be ringing for at least after the festival, on top of being easily irritable given the lack of sleep and exhaustion. Choose to study in a quiet place to focus on the work and not get sidetracked by a Netflix-watching roommate.
  • The next few days are bound to be stressful; try making a to-do list. Remembering what’s coming up and penciling in some time to rest could be helpful.

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