It’s that time again — pumpkin spice lattes, Ugg boots, warm fireplaces, flannels and Election Day. Maybe the anticipation for this day has been a touch too overwhelming, but don’t worry, Lifestyle has a few tips on how to mentally prepare yourself before heading to the poll.

Eat an Americana Breakfast

Just like the important morning before an ACT, SAT, GRE, MCAT or any other acronym known to terrify students at the core — moms, dads, teachers, Jimmy Dean and test prep booklets all suggest having a nutritious breakfast to take on the day. Why should this one be any different? Skip the instant oatmeal or bowl of Frosted Flakes because it’s a big day, folks. And nothing quite screams “America” like a stack of freedom flapjacks with a side of a Ron Swanson-approved portion of bacon. While you’re at it, don’t forget the utmost quintessential cup o’ joe to get you through this polling period. Having the ultimate “American” breakfast is a surefire way to remind yourself there are still good things, no matter how small, to celebrate about the USA.  

Put On Those Lucky Socks

Lucky socks might have helped you soar through that interview or dazzle your S.O.’s family for the first time, so why not bring them into the political realm of civic participation? It’s always comforting to have that subtle reminder that even if the going gets tough, at least your toes are warm. Bonus points if they are red, white and blue or are elegantly graced with a stitched-on bald eagle.

Educate Yourself **See Proposition Positions**

Potentially not as exciting as scarfing down a mountain of pancakes, but just as — if not more — important than that carbohydrate overload is educating yourself on what you’re getting into. Take a minimum of at least ten minutes to get a grip on what propositions are being contested and what the candidates are representing. Need a quick glance but can’t find your mail-in information book? Read on for some Lifestyle insight to this public policy web with “Proposition Positions.”

Power Through Parks and Rec

If anyone can get you to feel like your vote matters, it’s Leslie Knope. Twenty percent absurdity, 70 percent relatability and lovability, and 10 percent miniature horse, “Parks and Recreation” is the perfect series to remind you of the importance of civic duty. So ready yourself to walk into that polling station or mail in that ballot with some encouraging Knope quotes and Swanson wisdom.  

Cry A Little, Or A Lot (If Needed)

Sometimes, the only way to get through anything is some emotional catharsis. So if the imminent approach of Nov. 8 is coming too soon for comfort, then by all means, grab the Puffs Plus tissue box, and let it out — especially if you’re reading the Times news article on the beloved First Lady Michelle Obama. #FLOTUSForever