The Christian Lifestyle: Fashion

How do I find my fashion style, or become more confident in it? — Anonymous

Look, as a side preface, the question pool that I answer from is about as deep as a petri dish full of air molecules. And while I like coordinating my questions with the Lifestyle editors and team by playing “pitch an idea for the advice column,” with one hand on my copy of Almanac of the Dead, I promise that — despite my snarky, unapologetic, take-no-bullcaca style of writing — I’m willing to have discussions about whatever is lobbed my way. So, please, tell me the deets about that obnoxious potato vegetating on your kitchen counter, ask for an Astrology horoscope or how you should approach your love triangle-turned-prism. Trust, not only will you have an answered question, but a complete load of midnight verbiage — the newest aesthetic.

Speaking of aesthetic: fashion. Listen, the whole locomotion that drove the slobbering glorification of a packaged white boy and his white vans — yes, Damn Daniel — on straight repeat was that he literally owned his ass and personal ‘do. Ellen certainly has a talent for plucking out the immortalized pre-pubescents, whether that’s Daniel Lara or Alex at Target.

Both of these examples illustrate one simple phenomena: Your style can be anything in the world.

“Expression” is a cliche word that will never sit at the cool kid’s table, but it is the foundation of fashion. If you’re wedged between two lousy bricks and in the process of identifying your fashion style, then holla at it qurl: What is your philosophy? Fashion should reflect who you are as a person and tell a narrative and a statement, obviously. Or, for other individuals, fashion is a summation of numbers: a neoliberal hairflip of solipsist smirking that they’re clearly more affluent. Perhaps fashion is a tool to deconstruct and decolonize — the body as a performance art installation. Or, simply, something to make sure you’re not cold.

Moi-self, for example: My personal aesthetic style necessitates dark colors not only to reflect my self-proclaimed pensive nature and Scorpio Rising Sign, but also the racism I face as a person of color. Glasses also form a central part of my identity, which are the lens of my education that permit me to see the world in its true technicolor. I keep money in my shoe because, if anyone attempts to rob me and says “gimme your cash,” I can kick them in the face and say it is justified.

Now, how does this relate to your own style? Obvi: Find your intellectual philosophy and externalize it. Use eccentric prints or neon colors to make a bold standout. Dress in a v-neck and jeans to show that you’re a simple person. Wear a hoodie to represent your school pride. Just make sure it represents you! Cliche ending, out! XOXO.