“The Book of Mormon” Is Coming to San Diego

After conquering the stages of Broadway, London and Melbourne, setting the record in ticket sales of legendary Eugene O’Neill Theatre, winning multiple Tony Awards and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, the cast of the musical “The Book of Mormon” is paying San Diego a visit next week.

The result of the collaboration between the creators of “South Park” animated series and the composer of “Avenue Q” musical and “Frozen” animated movie, the musical tells a story of two Mormon missionaries who come to a village in Uganda to spread their scriptures. Following the classic genre of the inspirational book musical, “The Book of Mormon” satirizes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a religious institution without being openly offensive. In brilliant musical form, it ridicules the absurdity of the LDS Church’s tactics used to attract new members and control long-time followers. Showing main characters, the Mormons, as people with truly good intentions, the musical, in contrast, expresses its admiration for faith that drives people to make our world a better place by helping those around them.

Appealing to the wide audience, “The Book of Mormon” received largely positive response from viewers and critics alike. Praised for its form and content, the musical was called “tuneful and funny” by The New York Post and “anything but mean” by the Washington Post. So do not expect it to be “South Park, the Musical” — Trey Parker and Matt Stone have created a show even your grandma can enjoy.

The first national cast will perform on stage of San Diego Civic Theater from February 23 to March 6. The tickets vary in price — the cheapest will cost you around $30, while getting the most lavish seat in the orchestra will require a $195 investment.

World-famous musicals do not come to San Diego all that often, so get your ticket for “the best musical of this century” now — to our surprise there are still some seats left.