Regents to Discuss Tuition at Meeting

Two months after Proposition 30 passed in the Nov. 6 election, the UC Board of Regents will hold a three-day meeting at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay campus to discuss potential fee increases. The regents will also continue their November discussion about state funding and the UC budget plan at the meeting.

As a result of Proposition 30’s passing, the UC Regents confirmed that there would be no systemwide tuition increase for students during the 2012–2013 school year. In November, the regents discussed new ways to generate revenue, and confirmed their 2013–2014 academic year budget during a three-day meeting. Tuition and fee increases were recommended to aid the budget plan. The board requested a budget increase of $267 million from the state.

By increasing funding, the board hopes there will be higher enrollment and higher quality programs.

“Given the extraordinary decline in state funding, UC’s quality has not been prioritized as it should be,” the UC Budget for Current Operations for 2013–2014 states.

According to the UC 2013–2014 budget plan, UC system administrators plan to focus on increasing graduate student support, reducing the student-faculty ratio, closing staff and faculty salary gaps, as well as libraries, building maintenance and instructional equipment and technology.

At the November meeting, the UC Regents discussed the possibility of a 6 percent increase in tuition as a result of the regents’ budget strategy. The meeting focused on increasing state funding to avoid higher student fees.

The regents predict tuition will increase for the 2013–2014 school year if further state funding is not provided. At the Nov. 13 to 15 meeting, Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov, Gavin Newsom claimed that additional state funding to the UC system is unlikely.

“The budget is unrealistic,” Newsom said at the meeting. “I’m concerned that the default to this plan is going to be to raise tuition to levels worse than what we were afraid of if Proposition 30 didn’t pass.”

Gov. Brown will propose a UC budget for the 2013–2014 academic year. According to their November meeting, the regents are in the process of coming up with alternative strategies to increase funds if Brown does not approve additional state funding for the UC system. The regents plan to increase the enrollment of non-resident undergraduate students to gain more revenue and improve campus quality.