Holiday Gift Guide

    The Coffee Lover

    By Joelyn Suarez

    The personalized mug – $10 Do the coffee lover’s significant other a favor by creating a personalized mug with the way their coffee lover takes their favorite cup of Joe. All it takes is a mug, a sharpie and a simple note like “He loves his coffee strong.” Then, bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to keep the words lasting. It’s thoughtful, quick and one-of-a-kind!

    Coffee Plant – $10

    The ideal gift for the environmentally conscious coffee lover. It is a lovely addition to any home and will infuse the room with a rich aroma. Not only is it a great decorative centerpiece: It produces actual beans for a coffee lover’s very own homegrown cup of their favorite roast!

    Cappuccino Stencil – $4

    A cappuccino stencil, like a snowflake, will warm the heart of even the coldest Grinch during the holidays — or the coffee lover with an eye for detail. It is the perfect finishing touch to any hot beverage.

    Toddy Cold Brew System – $40

    Not everyone likes it hot. This gift is for the coffee connoisseur who prefers his or her smooth brew on the rocks! Todd Simpson, chemical engineering graduate of Cornell University, created this functional cold brewing system in 1964. The system allows for the option of a hot or a cold cup of coffee using regular coffee beans. Say goodbye to overcrowded lines at Starbucks and hello to a homemade iced latte!

    The Beach Bum
    By Thuy Pham

    Beach Bag – $33

    If you love the beach, say it loud and proud with this bag! Sir Mix-a-Lot would certainly approve. It’s a tad expensive, so if you have time on your hands, you can buy a blank bag and caption it yourself.

    Baywatch Season 1 – $12

    Saw a cute guy or gal at the beach but don’t want him or her to see you staring? Stare all you want at the hotties in the first season of “Baywatch.” It’s a classic must-watch show for beach lovers where the action happens in the water and on the sand.

    Polka Dot Bikini Apron – $15

    Stuck at home doing the dishes or cooking dinner? You can be at the beach in spirit if you don this apron.

    Sandcastles Book – $9

    Don’t just walk around, suntan, play volleyball, and swim. Expand your beach activities with a sandcastle-building book and make use of your inner creativity. With easy step-by-step instructions and tips, you can hold sandcastle-building competitions, create your own designs, and get down and dirty in the sand. The cherry on top: This book suits all ages and groups of all sizes.

    The Writer
    By Laira Martin

    Monogrammed Pens – $24

    The best way to a writer’s heart is through a monogrammed customized pen. Etsy is the best place for personalized items, and these monogrammed pens and pen case don’t fall short. Just make sure to spell the writer’s name correctly.

    Writers Remedy Magnets – $24

    These magnets make a great decoration for a refrigerator, but they’re also a go-to cure for writer’s block. Have a paper or article and don’t know what to write? Remedy your brain-fart with these inspirational magnets.

    Moleskine – $10

    Every writer knows that you aren’t a bona fide writer until you start carrying around a pretentious leather notebook — and Moleskine is the brand of choice. Get a pocket-sized version for the writer on the go or a larger sketchbook for larger projects.

    Mini Bandolier – $17

    This cute hand-made pen holder wraps around that moleskine perfectly. You can’t have a notebook without pens, so keep them together with this great Etsy find. There are several patterns and styles, but if you’re feeling frugal, you can surely make one yourself after a trip to the crafts store.

    The Vintage Lover
    By Lara Budge

    Stoneware TV Dinner Trays – $24

    Let’s face it — the days of sitting around the dinner table are dying out, so you may as well eat in front of the TV in style. Sit back and watch your favorite sitcom while feasting on your favorite meal out of these delightful dishes.

    Retro Cake Tin – $39.95

    No one likes a stale cake. Keep your baked treats perfectly fresh and stylishly stored in a container that’s is not only airtight, but also has a fun vintage look to it. This would be a winner with grandmas and mothers.

    Slinky – $6

    As Ace Ventura said back in 1995, “Everyone loves a Slinky; you gotta get a Slinky.” How it snaps back and forth with such grace is a mesmerizing feat. Follow Ace’s advice and give someone this wonderful and forgotten little animal.

    Vinyl Record Bowls – $25

    Ever thought you would eat out of an authentic vinyl record? Probably not. These bowls, designed by Jeff Davis, are actually made from 12-inch vintage vinyl records and are perfect for dry food or for adding a retro touch to any room. The bowls are available in six different genres, from the rocker to the crooner. Take the frugal route and stick an old scratched record in the oven to make your own!

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