Lights and Sirens

    Friday, Nov. 2
    4:00 p.m.: Injury
    ? An adult female got hit in the mouth during a softball game at RIMAC, but declined medical transportation. Checks OK.
    9:38 p.m.: Welfare check
    ? The reporting party was unable to contact a daughter at North Mesa Apartments. Checks OK.

    Saturday, Nov. 3
    12:01 a.m.: Injury
    ? An adult male was “accidentally shoved through a window” at Geneva Hall, causing lacerations to his arm. Transported to hospital.
    12:05 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? The subject at Marshall Upper Apartments consumed excessive alcohol. Transported to hospital.
    12:45 a.m.: Vandalism
    ? A male student got drunk and vandalized McGill Hall. Closed by adult arrest.
    1:23 a.m.: Domestic violence
    ? A male student was arrested for domestic battery. Closed by adult arrest.
    1:48 a.m.: Burglary
    ? A drunk male was seen climbing through a kitchen window at Village East 3. Closed by adult arrest.
    Previous week: Citizen contact
    ? The subject at Argo Hall found “three bones, determined to be non-human.” Information only.
    4:46 p.m.: Citizen contact
    ? The subject at Geisel Library complained of “cyberbullying.” Information only.

    Sunday, Nov. 4
    2:40 a.m.: Trespass
    ? Three subjects were in the Canyonview Pool facility’s hot tub. Gone on arrival.
    9:40 a.m.: Injury
    ? A young adult female sustained a “rugby injury” on Warren Field. Transported to hospital.
    10:29 a.m.: Injury
    ? Another young adult female sustained a “rugby injury” on Warren Field. Transported to hospital.

    Monday, Nov. 5
    7:46 a.m.: Assist other agency
    ? The VA police stopped a “motorist with two dogs tied to the bumper” at the VA East Lot. Field interview administered.
    10:12 a.m.: Medical aid
    ? A young adult female was found unconscious, but breathing at Plaza Café. Transported to hospital.
    10:00 p.m.: Suspicious package
    ? There were two metallic shoebox-like boxes on Library Walk. Report taken — Checks OK.

    Tuesday, Nov. 6
    1:00 a.m.: Marijuana Contact
    ? Two male students at Revelle Plaza were in possession of marijuana. Closed by two adult citations.
    10:08 a.m.: Medical aid
    ? An adult male at Student Health with a swollen throat was having difficulty breathing. Transported to hospital.

    Wednesday, Nov. 7
    12:52 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? Roommates at The Village Building 6 were unable to locate their other roommate for about two hours. Checks OK.
    8:45 a.m.: Injury
    ? A skateboarder at Robert Pain Center fell, broke an ankle and passed out. Medics responded.
    5:00 a.m.: Minor injury accident
    ? A UC catering cart tipped over from a sharp turn and made the passenger fracture his or her hand. Report taken.

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