Halloween Cocktails

    Attention all ghouls, ghosts and goblins of UCSD: The infamous night of sinister tricks, devilish treats and scant costumes is almost here. Put the “Nightmare on Elm Street” marathon on pause, grab the nearest witch’s cauldron and usher in the spooky holiday with a few creepy cocktails.

    With midterms falling during the week of Halloween, an eyeball garnish or a bloody beverage may be just the remedy to lift any dead spirits. For just one night, stow the books away with the skeletons in the closet, pull out the Ouija board and sip on one of these scary-good concoctions. We have recipes to suit each and every guest for any fright fest. But beware: This is not child’s play. Whether travelling by hearse or broomstick, always have a designated driver. Now, let’s toast to a hellish good time.

    — Joelyn Suarez
    Contributing Writer

    Candy Corn-Infused Vodka Martinis

    For the infused vodka:
    1/2 cup candy corn
    1/2 cup vodka
    For the cordials:
    2  oz. of orange liqueur
    juice of 1/2 a lemon
    1 large egg white
    candy corn

    Infuse the vodka: Combine the candy corn and vodka in an airtight container; set aside for at least three hours, then strain. Make the cordials: Add four ounces of the candy corn vodka, the orange liqueur, lemon juice and egg white to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Strain into two chilled martini glasses and garnish with candy corn.

    There’s no need to worry about being too old to trick-or-treat with candy corn-infused Vodka. If you’re looking for a sweet alcoholic treat on Halloween, look no further. This vodka tastes just like the sugary marshmallow-like candy kernels. The recipe says the candy corn should sit in the vodka for at least three hours, but be forwarned: It will get sweeter the longer it sits.

    — Rebecca Horwitz
    Senior Staff Writer

    Black Poison Cocktail

    4 oz. vodka
    2 oz. lemon syrup
    2 tsp. lemon juice
    1 sprig rosemary
    1 black licorice stick
    black food coloring

    This eerily pigmented concoction is perfect for any monster bash. As the ice cubes melt into the vodka, the cocktail will become ominously black. The initial kick of the liquor is balanced with refreshing bright lemon and undertones of rosemary.

    The “poison” lies within the heavy amount of vodka that is initially masked with sweetness, causing the buzz to creep up.

    The black poison cocktail works for any occasion, but the addition of black ice and the black licorice garnish add to the Halloween spirit.

    — Joelyn Suarez
    Contributing Writer

    Witch’s Brew

    6 oz package lime gelatin
    2 cups boiling water
    3 cups chilled pineapple juice
    2 gallons orange juice
    1 (2-liter) bottle chilled ginger ale
    2 cups chilled vodka

    To start off, pour the lime gelatin into a big bowl. Then, mix in the boiling water, slowly, for at least two minutes or until the gelatin has fully dissolved. Add in the pineapple, ginger ale, orange juice and vodka. Allow mixture to cool at room temperature.

    It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again. Whether you enjoy carving pumpkins and watching the newest scary movie or are just looking for an excuse to party, start off your Halloween night the right way with some Witch’s Brew.

    This simple beverage can be made in just 15 minutes and is sure to please any crowd. With its tangy flavor and vodka kick, it will refresh your taste buds and keep you going for the long night of Halloween parties ahead.

    To fit the theme of Halloween and make your pre-game super scary, add in some skinless grapes to resemble eyeballs or pour the mixture into a goblet filled with dry ice. But no matter how you serve it, this ultimate Witch’s Brew will ensure a wicked Halloween night.

    — Ati Namvar
    Contributing Writer

    Dragon’s Blood Punch

    Serves 20-25
    46 oz. red punch (recommended: Hawaiian Punch)
    46 oz. apple juice
    48 oz. bottle cranberry juice
    1 (2-liter) bottle ginger ale
    ice cubes or dry ice
    4 cups Berry vodka, optional
    1/2 cup orange liqueur
          vodka (optional)
          triple sec (optional)
    1 tube red candy gel (optional)

    This drink has a blood-red color, a sweet punch taste and an eerie appearance, which makes it a perfect drink for a Halloween bash or a pre-game before heading out to a party. The ingredients are cheap, delicious and come in large quantities, so it’s easy to make a delicious drink to serve to all your friends.

    Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl or pot. Add ice and stir, or add dry ice for a spooky effect. For an alcoholic version, add berry vodka and orange liqueur or desired amount of vodka and Triple Sec for a different flavor. For an added fun touch, squeeze red candy gel onto a small plate and line edges of serving glass.

    — Sarah Shin
    Contributing Writer

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