October 31, 2011

{becssg}2011_10_31{/becssg}{becssg_c}0|calit2_Andrew Oh (2).jpg||A student researcher from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology experiments with the StarCAVE, a virtual reality environment. This was created by the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology and is located at Atkinson Hall. Andrew Oh/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|calit2_Andrew Oh.jpg||A student researcher from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology examines the HIPerWall, an oversized 200 megapixel screen, at Atkinson Hall. Andrew Oh/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|chancellor’s 5k_Robert Asami.jpg||People gathered together last Friday to run the annual Chancellor 5K run. Robert Asami/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|fencing_nolan_thomas.jpg||UCSD’s nationally ranked fencing team hosted the Blade Runner tournament this weekend, Oct. 29-30. Nolan Thomas/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|geisel_brian_monroe.jpg||Students walk through the doors of Geisel Library, a popular on-campus study spot. Brian Monroe/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|Halloween_Brian Monroe.jpg||A man dressed as a character from Reno 911 makes a scene on Library Walk as students pass by. Brian Monroe/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|halloween_Sarah Park.jpg||Two students carve a pumpkin at an event held in Warren College by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Sarah Park/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|Hindu New Year_Harsh Kashiperkh.jpg||UCSD’s Sangam Club held festivities during Diwali, an traditional Indian celebration meaning “festival of lights.” Students joined in on the activities that included coloring the patterns. Harsh Kashiperkh/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|Protest1_Andrew Oh 2.jpg||A student shows her passion for standing up for her fellow students and opposing the continuous rise in tuition. Andrew Oh /Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|protest1_Andrew Oh.jpg||Another student voices his opinion at the protest Andrew Oh/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|protest_Eric Nye.jpg||After UC President Mark Yudof’s visit to UCSD, students actively protest the increasing tuition fees with signs and voices. Eric Nye/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|soccer_brian_monroe.jpg||The No. 7 UCSD women’s soccer team took two wins this weekend, beating San Francisco State 1-0 on Friday and Cal Poly Pomona 2-0 on Sunday. Brian Monroe/Guardian{/becssg_c}{becssg_c}0|waterpolodavis_nolan_thomas.jpg||No. 11 UCSD men’s water polo beat No. 12 UC Davis on Friday, Oct. 28 10-6. Nolan Thomas/Guardian{/becssg_c}