Lights and Sirens (May 13-May 19)

    Friday, May 13

    10:50 a.m.: Disturbance, general

    A male wearing only boxers was yelling profanities at an alarm at Brown Hall. Checks OK.

    3:16 p.m.: Medical aid

    A female outside the Media Center Communications building was very intoxicated and vomited. Referred to other agency.

    3:51 p.m.: Medical aid

    Someone slipped and fell down the stairs at RIMAC. Information only.

    4:09 p.m.: Medical aid

    A female at Geisel Library wearing an ape costume was taking her top off, and she passed out with her shoes off. Referred to other agency.

    4:50 p.m.: Disturbance, general

    A male was scaling up the wall of Rady School of Management and pounding on the back door. Gone on arrival.

    8:22 p.m.: Welfare check

    A 20-year-old male near Applied Physics and Mathematics stated that he was on cocaine, adderall and alcohol. He appeared disoriented but was still breathing. Arrest misdemeanor.

    9:01 p.m.: Citizen contact

    A male was urinating in public at Par Course. Field interview administered.

    10:58 p.m.: Petty theft

    Someone stole a tip jar from the D’lush lounge at RIMAC. Report taken.

    Saturday, May 14

    11:56 p.m.: Throwing objects at moving vehicle

    The suspect was throwing eggs at vehicles on the south side of the 13th floor at The Village Building 1. Referred to other agency.

    Sunday, May 15

    12:49 a.m.: Disturbance, general

    1:24 p.m.: Petty theft

    An employee at the Subway in Price Center pocketed approximately $500 from the cash register. Information only.

    6:26 p.m.: Suspicious person

    A male in his 50s at a bus stop by the intersection of Gilman Drive and Myers Drive was pretending to draw a gun from his waistband. Unable to locate.

    Monday, May 16

    6:00 p.m.: Disturbance, psych subject

    A male in Lot 102 was having a hard time breathing. He said people were following him everywhere and might have spiked his drink. He also said he was “not crazy.” Information only.

    Tuesday, May 17

    2:13 p.m.: Disturbance, general

    A male at Lot 502 told the reporter that he was going to key her car because she took his parking spot. Checks OK.

    3:50 p.m.: Suspicious person

    A 60-year-old male carrying a bottle of alcohol was harassing people on the fifth floor of Geisel Library. Arrest misdemeanor.

    4:18 p.m.: Suicide attempt

    A male at Torrey Pines Center stated that he feels like killing himself and others. Referred to other agency.

    Thursday, May 19

    4:55 a.m.: Petty theft

    An officer caught two subjects leaving with bread from Foodworx. Field interview administered.

    12:36 p.m.: Report of petty theft

    The reporter said clothes and other property were taken throughout the quarter at Sixth College Building 705, including a phone. The reporter suspected the roommates. Report taken.

    — Compiled by Sarah Kang Staff Writer

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