Lights and Sirens (Jan. 3, 2011)

    Friday, Dec. 3
    2:05 p.m.: General Disturbance
    ? A physical confrontation occurred when a female and male, both possibly magazine salesmen, were pushing each other on Library Walk. Gone on arrival.
    7:11 p.m.: Throwing objects out of moving vehicle
    ? A roll of duct tape was thrown out of a car at a community service officer at Voigt Drive and Hopkins Drive. Unable to locate.

    Sunday, Dec. 5
    2:15 p.m.: Suspicious person

    ? A 40-year-old possible transient white male with “dirty blonde hair and beard” with a slim build was seen carrying a garbage bag and yelling at himself while appearing extremely agitated on Library Walk. Field interview administered.

    Wednesday, Dec. 8
    6:50 a.m.: Suspicious person

    ? While jogging, the reporter was threatened by a blonde white male in his 30s, possibly intoxicated, who wanted to murder her and her dog at the La Jolla Playhouse. Unable to locate.

    Thursday, Dec. 9
    1:01 p.m.: General disturbance
    ? A disturbance between a male and female, possibly an undergrad and TA, occurred at Mandeville Center. Field interview administered.
    3:50 p.m.: Citizen Contact
    A reporter was going to tell a group of people to be quiet, but they then threw an unknown object out of the window at The Village, Building 1. Will cooperate.

    Friday, Dec. 10
    11:04 a.m.: Information

    ? A possible white male transient has been in the library on and off for the last three days. He has been seen “bathing in the restrooms and being disruptive/belligerent,” but was escorted out by security. Information only.

    Monday, Dec. 13
    6:35 p.m.: Information

    ? Three college-age males climbed out of tunnels near the bookstore and were seen running through Eucalyptus Grove toward Revelle College. Information only.

    Tuesday, Dec. 14
    3:48 p.m.: Person Down

    ? A male transient was seen facedown, possibly sleeping, on the bathroom floor of the bottom level restroom at UCtr 303. Arrest misdemeanor.

    Wednesday, Dec. 15
    11:40 a.m.: Report of Vandalism

    ? Benches from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography pier were damaged and the wood was possibly used for a fire. Report taken.

    Saturday, Dec. 18
    1:40 p.m.: Information

    ? Outback Adventures conducted a first responder class with scenarios, in which 18 people “dressed up in bloody clothes [were] running around” par course. Information only.

    Monday, Dec. 20

    10:11 a.m.: Reckless Driving

    ? A “blue import” was seen doing doughnuts in Lot 208. Written warning issued.

    Thursday, Dec. 23
    12:05 a.m.: Disturbance, Group

    ? A group of people were seen streaking outside Mesa Verde Hall. Information only.

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