Nov. 9, 2009

    2:58 a.m.: General disturbance
    ? A party was reported at Kathmandu Hall. Will cooperate.
    11:14 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? A male and female were seen “standing in the middle of Voigt Drive, possibly hitchhiking.”
    12:14 p.m.: Group disturbance
    ? Three protesters wearing masks and handing out flyers were reported at Lot 411.

    Saturday, Oct. 31
    12:58 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ? An unknown male was seen urinating in public at the Warren Student Activity Center. Field interview administered.
    1:39 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? Three males were overheard saying “they [were] going to climb into someone’s window because [he] was passed out inside.”
    1:47 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ? A group of unknown students were reported as “throwing objects” and “vomiting” off the balcony of the Marshall residence halls.

    Sunday, Nov. 1
    8:32 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? A thin Asian male wearing khaki shorts and a hospital gown was seen wandering out of Thornton Hospital.

    Tuesday, Nov. 3
    8:05 a.m.: Medical aid
    ? A female student was reported as “fainting” on the shuttle bus at Mandeville Auditorium.
    11:19 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? A dog was left in the car with the windows rolled up for the second time at Lot 757. Field interview administered.
    2:11 p.m.: Injury
    ? An 18-year-old female reported that her knees looked “clumpy” after she fell from her bicycle at Lot 206.
    3:21 p.m.: Report of grand theft
    ? Equipment worth approximately $1,600 was stolen from the Rebecca and John Moores Cancer Center.
    3:51 p.m.: Petty theft
    ? A transient was reported as stealing a pastry from a UCSD coffee cart. Field interview administered.
    11:57 p.m.: Welfare check
    ? A resident advisor reported that a male student was “tripping out” at Harlan Hall.

    Wednesday, Nov. 4
    1:36 p.m.: Medical aid
    ? A male was reported as “collapsed [with] lacerations on his arms” and “drool coming out of his mouth” at the Stein Clinical Research Building.

    Thursday, Nov. 5
    8:18 a.m.: Medical aid
    ? An 18-year-old female was found passed out at the Marshall residence halls.
    10:00 a.m.: Medical aid
    ? An 18-year-old male required medical attention after receiving a “knife wound” on his hand at the Marshall residence halls.
    11:45 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ? An Asian male was seen wearing a green camouflage army uniform with “belts and pouches attached” on Library Walk.
    4:19 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A tall, thin black male in his mid-20s was seen attempting to “sell concert tickets” on the third floor of Brennan Hall. Unable to locate.
    4:59 p.m.: Report of terrorist threat
    ? An unknown student sent the Marshall provost a letter making “threats to burn the university and himself, and using an AK to shoot people on campus … and eat the people.”

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