Muir Juggling Club

Though it may seem like you’ve run out of useless skills to learn — having mastered DJ Hero and the dance routine in the latest “Single Ladies” video), you might be tempted to pick up a hobby that doesn’t require gyrating your pelvis for 20 straight minutes.

Despite the fact that it may seem a little out of your grasp.

Not so, said Muir College sophomore Clay Johnson, a principal member of the Muir College Juggling Club.


Started in 2006 by UCSD alumnus Kevin Nazario, the organization has one noble goal: to spread the art of juggling to all those willing to try — whether you’re looking to refine established skills or stumbling in as a three-ball virgin.

According to Johnson, it usually only takes 15 minutes to learn the basics, and the rest comes naturally after a few weeks of messing around.

“There’s a lot of people starting out,” Johnson said. “Each meeting, people who are walking by come up to us and they just want to learn.”

Club leaders provide one-on-one help to all their members, the majority of whom are new and can only juggle only three or four balls. Johnson himself holds the distinction of keeping the most clubs in the air simultaneously: an impressive eight.

Apart from solo ball-tossing acts, the club also encourages partner and group work. Its most entertaining trick is a mesmerizing eight-club hot potato toss between two people.

Muir College Juggling Club has received a plethora of fanfare over the years, from being photographed by passersby to performing at Muirstock 2009. The club will be performing at Muir’s annual festival again this spring in addition to attending juggling galas like the Los Angeles Nomadic Juggling Festival this Saturday, Nov. 14.

The club’s meeting times change every quarter. However, for the rest of fall, you can find them every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sun God Lawn (in front of the Applied Physics & Mathematics Building). Johnson invites you to drop by — because who knows? Within 15 minutes, you could be on your way to developing a not-so-hidden talent.