Best Trail to Grind

OFF CAMPUS — There’s nothing like a 3-to-4 hour skate sesh from UCSD to Pacific Beach on an aimless Saturday. Get up bright and early, eat a hearty breakfast and start at the top of Torrey Pines. Cruising down the bike lane may feel a little sketch as the hill gets steeper, but with a moderate amount of foot-braking, you can ride the whole snake run without leaving your board. (If you’re riding on hard wheels, get ready for a violent foot massage.) Keep following North Torrey Pines until you reach downtown La Jolla, where you can freak out snobby restaurant patrons by giving them a sweaty staredown. Head to the local beach for a breather if you feel like it — there’s a huge set of stairs by the La Valencia Hotel leading down to the sand. Stay on Girard until it hits Pearl, then take a right passing Dick’s Liquor. Make a left on La Jolla Boulevard. and follow that for a few miles until you reach Mission. You’re almost there! Stay right until Garnet, where you can treat yourself to a Fatburger or a few fish tacos along the main drag. Bring your student ID so you can ride the 30 bus back to campus; you probably won’t want to skate home in the dark.