YES on Proposition 12

WHAT IT WOULD DO: Like 26 measures before it, Proposition 12 would issue bonds to assist war veterans in becoming homeowners through the CalVet HomeLoan program — this time, $900 million worth.

The only thing more heartless than joining the opposition ranks for Proposition 3 (among all others who hate sick children) is frowning upon an initiative to help thousands more of our nation’s heroes out of their cardboard boxes — the least they deserve after carrying out all Washington’s overseas dirty work. Proposition 12 may call for some hefty cash in an obvious drought, but if we want to keep filling out the Army barracks, we have no choice but to supply those retreating from the front lines (or training camp, for that matter) with space to carry on.

So far, taxpayers haven’t been charged many a penny for the proceeding veteran-home-assistance bonds, and if desperate times do call for some citizen assistance for the new bonds, a few extra dollars from our happy homes will be a small price to pay for those who have more than earned their own. Vote yes on Proposition 12.