Lights and Sirens

    Friday, Oct. 24
    8:31 a.m.: General disturbance
    ▶ A 45-year-old white male wearing Army clothes and sunglasses was reported as threatening Thornton Hospital staff, saying that he would “come there with a shotgun.”
    9:57 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ Five Latino males in their early 20s, one wearing checkered shorts and another carrying a trash bag, were seen “looking around suspiciously” at Pepper Canyon Hall.
    10:48 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ Five Latino males were seen trying to “hop the fence” of the Preuss School.

    Saturday, Oct. 25
    3:01 p.m.: Incomplete wireless call
    ▶ A drunk female was reported as “annoying the seals” at Seal Beach.
    9:58 p.m.: Welfare check
    ▶ An Asian female “appeared to be disoriented,” walking down Gilman Drive.

    Sunday, Oct. 26
    1:59 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ▶ A female, after calling her friend’s lost cell phone, reported that the “person who answered stated that he would only return the cell phone in Tijuana, and if given $20 and a Powerade.”
    2:23 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ A male skateboarder wearing a baseball cap yelled “gangbang” to a passing female at Lot 208.
    3:03 p.m.: Suspicious package
    ▶ A package that “look[ed] like a present” was seen by the Triton statue near the UCSD Bookstore.

    Monday, Oct. 27
    4:04 p.m.: Suspicious package
    ▶ A black plastic bag at a Gilman Drive bus stop with “no wires, liquid, or ticking” noises emanating from it was reported “because, [in the reporting party’s] country, black bags are suspicious.”
    5:38 p.m.: Unknown injury accident
    ▶ A 50-year-old white male bicyclist wearing a yellow biking shirt hit a pedestrian at the bottom of the Mandeville shuttle stop.

    Tuesday, Oct. 28
    9:00 a.m.: Incomplete wireless call
    ▶ A white female wearing a black sweater and turquoise shorts was seen holding a water container and shaking her head.
    12:56 p.m.: Injury
    ▶ A 74-year-old male was reported with a “gash on the back of his head” after a skateboarding accident.
    6:50 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ A tall white male with a long, white beard and hair was reported as “using foul language” at the Rebecca and John Moores atrium.

    Wednesday, Oct. 29
    8:45 a.m.: Vandalism
    ▶ A UCSD van was seen with the words “white power” written on one side.
    3:03 p.m.: Welfare check
    ▶ A white male in his 40s, wearing a hat and leg braces, was seen at a Gilman Drive bus stop.
    3:16 p.m.: Injury
    ▶ A 20-year-old male reported bleeding from the “nose and mouth” after falling off his skateboard.
    7:05 p.m.: Petty theft
    ▶ A 25-year-old white female with blonde hair and a blue-jean skirt was seen carrying a black purse and headed toward Warren Mall. Arrest misdemeanor.

    Thursday, Oct. 30
    3:01 p.m.: Skateboard stop
    ▶ Four skateboarders were seeing filming themselves doing tricks at the Center for Molecular Genetics.

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