The Land Down Under Holds the Ultimate Surfer’s Dream

    Though the 14.5 hour plane flight has the potential to be
    painful, a couple of decent sleeping pills will get you to Sydney, Australia
    very well rested and ready to explore all the options available in this
    naturephile’s paradise.

    While the downtown scene in Sydney
    is fun, it’s also like other major metropolitan areas: a little dirty, and
    there are some places you aren’t going to want to be at by yourself at night.

    Don’t leave without visiting Bondi
    — a well-known surfer’s dream
    that extends for miles and holds more vacationing Irishmen than any girl with a
    penchant for accents could hope for.

    Bondi is lined with small sushi joints and pizza eateries,
    but don’t forget the fish and chips — the fish is fresh and the chips (fries,
    to Americans) are thin and perfectly salted.

    Enjoy the water but watch out for territorial surfers.
    Another appealing option is to spend a day people-watching — travelers come
    from all over to visit Bondi so you won’t be disappointed.

    After you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of Sydney,
    explore the natural beauty the land down under has to offer.

    Though the center of Australia
    is very similar to the barren, snake-ridden desert land you may or may not
    remember from “The Rescuers Down Under,” the rest is absolutely stunning.

    Take a guided bushwalk (basically, a hiking tour) of any of
    Australia’s National Parks — but make sure not to underestimate the intense and
    athletic nature of the experience just because you think a walk can’t possibly
    be that taxing. A bushwalk, especially if you go for an entire day, will
    encompass many miles, up hundreds of rickety stairs — but it also affords views
    of gorgeous waterfalls and animals in the outback like the lizards that look
    like miniature dragons.

    Visit the majestic Blue Mountains to
    see the rock formation with a trio of spires called the Three Sisters, which
    stays lit up at night with massive spotlights.

    The mountains are filled with rock climbers, so bring your
    gear. For the novice, there is a plethora of climbing teachers that will take
    you to their favorite climbs and disavow you of the notion that rock climbing
    in a gym will prepare you for hanging hundreds of feet in the air on the edge
    of a cliff.

    Whether you are looking for nightlife, beach life or outdoor
    exploration, the land of Australia
    is a great place for picturesque adventures.

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