Lights and Sirens

    Friday, Jan. 4
    1:06 p.m.: Assist other agency
    ▶ A black male in his mid-40s, wearing a yellow trench coat and black ski cap, was suspected of committing petty theft at Gilman Parking Structure.
    11:18 p.m.: Domestic disturbance
    ▶ A couple was heard screaming and throwing objects in a Miramar apartment. The reporting party also claimed to hear a female crying.

    Saturday, Jan. 5
    2:47 p.m.: Welfare check
    ▶ A female employee at the Engineering Building reported that her office had been flooded, but was unable to be reached afterwards. Her co-worker was concerned that she may have suffered electric shock.

    Sunday, Jan. 6
    1:09 a.m.: Alcohol contact
    ▶ Three males and four females claiming to be 21 years old were seen with alcohol and heading toward Pangea Parking Structure. Field interview administered.

    Monday, Jan. 7

    5:56 a.m.: Medical aid
    ▶ A 21-year-old female at Asante Hall was reported as complaining of “intense side pain.”
    7:05 a.m.: Report of arson
    ▶ A possible cherry bomb was reported as detonating inside the Plaza Cafe bathrooms, causing the toilet to explode and overflow with fecal matter.
    2:48 p.m.: Medical aid
    ▶ A 54-year-old male fell at Urey Hall, but remained conscious and breathing.
    3:15 p.m.: General disturbance
    ▶ A 30-year-old female wearing a white shirt and black pants ran into the RIMAC Arena activity room without checking in, and refused to leave.
    11:06 p.m.: Vandalism
    ▶ Two white men in their 20s — one wearing a beige T-shirt and the other a blue windbreaker — were seen breaking two ceramic trash bins in Mandeville Center. Arrest misdemeanor.

    Tuesday, Jan. 8
    12:17 a.m.: Noise disturbance
    ▶ “Really loud laughing” was heard from North America Hall. Quiet on arrival.
    2:08 p.m.: Verbal threat
    ▶ A former student at Mandeville Hall threatened his professor to change his grade. Subject was reported as stating that he knew where the professor lived, and had an “ex-convict uncle,” who was present during the time of verbal attack.

    Wednesday, Jan. 9
    7:24 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ A passenger on the Mandeville shuttle bus was reported as “very confused” and “not listening,” possibly in need of medical attention.
    8:46 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ A female rang the door of a resident at the Miramar apartments, and became angry when the resident failed to answer. Field interview administered.

    Thursday, Jan. 10
    2:42 a.m.: Alcohol contact
    ▶ Residents at Brennan Hall were reported as bouncing balls loudly on the floor. Gone on arrival.
    10:32 a.m.: Medical aid
    ▶ An 18-year-old male at the Student Health Center reported experiencing chest pains due to atrial fibrillation. Subject described the extent of his pain as a “10 out of 10,” but remained conscious and breathing.
    10:43 a.m.: Report of burglary
    ▶ A former Thornton Hospital employee was reported as stealing drugs.
    2:43 p.m.: Welfare check
    ▶ A female was reported as possibly distraught in a car that was possibly stolen. Gone on arrival.

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