Dean: No Evacuation, But Start Packing

    Dear Residents of ERC and I-House –

    We hope that you are all doing as well as can be expected
    under the circumstances, and we realize that this may have been a stressful day
    for many of you. The following information comes from the Campus Emergency
    Response Group, which is staffing the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the
    campus. The important piece of information we want to share is the campus is
    NOT under imminent evacuation orders at this time – AGAIN, mandatory evacuation
    orders have NOT been issued for the residential areas of the campus at this
    time. The front page of the UCSD website ( is the best place to
    get the most updated information about the campus emergency status. We will
    also be continually updating ERC TV (Channel 20) with similar important

    While an order for evacuation has not been issued, a
    campus-wide evacuation plan is in place as a contingency. Currently, however,
    the first priority is personal safety – which for now means to stay indoors out
    of the smoke and await orders from the Emergency Operations
    . The second
    priority is to ensure that your current living needs will be met, so the
    following dining halls will be open tomorrow beginning at 7 am – OceanView
    Terrace, Sierra Summit, Plaza Café, and Canyon Vista. All housekeeping/maintenance
    needs should continue to be referred to the Customer Service
    at 534-2600.

    Even though there is currently no mandatory order to
    evacuate, you can begin to prepare in the event an evacuation order occurs. First,
    remember that the campus will provide ample time for you to prepare for an
    evacuation. Second, you should register your phone number with the campus-wide
    system for emergency notification. Go to the following link and register now if
    you haven’t done so already (, fill out the
    appropriate fields and press “submit”. Although the university will issue a
    campus-wide e-mail in the event of an evacuation, the phone notification system
    will also be used for this purpose, so registering will double your options of
    being informed.

    Third – take a minute to gather some important items you
    will need in the event of an evacuation in a backpack or carry-on bag:

    1) Identification (especially a passport and a
    picture ID)

    2) Room keys

    3) Cell phone and charger

    4) Eyeglasses (if needed) or any prescription

    5) Closed-toe, comfortable shoes

    6) A change of warm clothing, including a jacket
    or sweatshirt

    7) Bottled water

    8) A flashlight (if you have one)

    The campus has not made any decisions about a campus closure
    on Wednesday, October 24, but if it occurs, they will issue that order between
    2 – 3 pm tomorrow via campus notice and the UCSD website.

    Please let your RA know if you are in need of anything we
    can assist you with. If you are leaving campus for any reason, please inform
    your RA so we know you are safe and accounted for.

    Thanks to all of you for being so attentive to staff and
    campus instructions and your willingness to remain informed.


    Rey Guerrero

    Resident Dean

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