Booze Will Be Likely Presence at Future RIMAC Annex

During the public input period of this week’s A.S. Council meeting, members of the Student Council of Eleanor Roosevelt College voiced their dissatisfaction with A.S. President Harry Khanna’s involvement in the removal of Roosevelt Freshman Senator Stephanie Usry, and criticized the Guardian’s portrayal of the college council in a recent article.

The SCERC members cited inaccurate representation and miscommunication as the reasons for the misunderstandings between Khanna and SCERC.

The biggest break from the issue was an update on the RIMAC annex during a special presentation given by Assistant Vice President of Athletic Relations Kari Gohd and Sports Facilities Director Don Chadwick.

Chadwick recounted the history of RIMAC Arena and the reasoning behind building an annex. Construction for the main RIMAC building began in 1993 and was completed in two years.

“”When RIMAC opened, it was incredibly popular,”” Chadwick said. “”In a survey in 1997, RIMAC rated number one on services and facilities queried.””

The survey also called for the facility’s expansion. The new annex will include a coffee bar, lounge areas and a convenience store.

The annex construction will take place next to the arena, between the Roosevelt apartments and the Rady School of Management.

Sixth College Sophomore Senator John Cressey asked whether the sale of alcohol would be permitted in the annex. Roosevelt Senior Senator Erik Rodriguez-Palacios said there was little opposition.

“”Is there a reason why the recreation department does not favor beer and wine services?”” Rodriguez-Palacios asked.

Gohd answered that some members of the department felt the sale of alcohol was not congruent with their healthy-living theme.

Khanna confirmed Rodriguez-Palacios’ point, saying Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Joseph W. Watson left the final decision to the Athletics Recreation Sports Facilities Advisory Board.

Gohd said the majority of the board is comprised of students so the issue will probably pass. She also asked for involvement from councilmembers in a focus group to determine other student needs in relation to the new annex.

Chadwick said he wanted to dedicate 95 percent of new employment positions to students.

With the completion of the special presentation, a motion to reorder the agenda to allow for question time caused for the re-emergence of the debate over Usry’s position.

During the session, SCERC members further questioned Khanna’s actions regarding the issue.

Other councilmembers also participated in the discussion over jurisdiction conflicts between the A.S. Council and college councils.

Khanna said the situation with Usry will allow for the jurisdiction policies outlined in the new constitution to be “”ironed out.””