DVD Picks: Sin City: RECUT

Bought the bare-boned “Sin City” DVD in August? Oh, sugar, you just gone and done the dumbest thing in your whole life. December’s Recut & Extended Edition of the film noir will be a better gas for comic book nerds with a dynamic disc-duo, complete with audio commentary tracks by penman and literary pioneer Frank Miller, bloodbath extraordinaire Quentin Tarantino and helmsman Robert Rodriguez and behind-the-scene vignettes of casting, special effects and bloopers.

The pulpy grit of “Sin City” splashes on the screen with shots ripped from the panels of the comic itself. Chase that cinematic breakthrough with an all-star cast and a copy of the “The Hard Goodbye” graphic novel (the beginning of the “Sin City” sextet), and this DVD will keep your eyes to the stage, pilgrim.