Year in Review: The Good, the Bad and the Quotable

    “I think intellectually, to be among the very best of public

    Andrew Mo

    institutions, we have to think about ways that this decreasing share of money from the state can be supplanted by other means of providing resources.”

    — Chancellor Marye Anne Fox

    “Fox, administrators develop new plan”

    Greg Dale

    Sept. 21, 2004

    “Reunion tours are just less idealistic versions of the real thing: de-glamorized rock ’n’ roll stars haul out their amps and stuff their spare tires into stage-friendly clothing in the hopes of reviving their legacy and making a few (million) bucks … ”

    — Ian S. Port

    “The Pixies’ reunion tour

    headlines RIMAC”

    Sept. 21, 2004

    “We understand student concerns about the fee increases, but they are a product of the hardships facing the state. The budget cuts have forced the UC to make very difficult choices about student fees.”

    — Hanan Eisenman,

    former UC Office of the President spokesman

    “Judge halts some UC fee hikes”

    Sept. 21, 2004

    “We cannot afford waste and fraud in any department or agency. Together with my dedicated team of experts, we will make California the first true 21st-century government in America.”

    — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    “Commission calls for state

    university overhaul”

    Oct. 4, 2004

    “As a pledging voter, I plan to be as selective in the bedroom as I am on the ballot.”

    — Andrew Powell,

    Earl Warren College junior “Votergasm: Activist campaign seeks to arouse young voters”

    Oct. 4, 2004

    “There was a lot of pressure for our coach to have us step up and play. When the game ended in regulation, we were still 0-0. It put a little more intensity in it, and made us realize what we had to do, if not for ourselves then for our coach.”

    — Megan Dickey,

    UCSD junior soccer player

    “McManus records 300th

    career victory”

    Oct. 4, 2004

    “This threat from the university has no merit. From the beginning we expected campus administration to try and use such strong-arm tactics to censor us.”

    — founders

    “ told to

    change name”

    Oct. 7, 2004

    “We’re trying to rise to a standard of living that’s comfortable. We’re not asking for anything we don’t deserve, we’re asking for our fair share.”

    — Bob Hardrick,

    senior building maintenance worker at UCSD, executive

    board member of AFSCME

    “Service workers protest wages”

    Oct. 14, 2004

    “There’s a long history of aggression of the university against the co-ops, and we’re much stronger with the A.S. and the GSA, and therefore a much bigger threat.”

    — Erik Borowitz,

    Che Cafe member

    “University extends co-op lease deadline”

    Oct. 14, 2004

    “President Bush has said numerous times, emphatically, that there will be no draft if he is elected. Right now we have enough soldiers in Iraq. An all-volunteer army is best suited to fight the wars of the 21st century. It works when we pay well and have a large military budget.”

    — Yier Shi,

    Republican National

    Committee spokesman

    “Ad campaign warns of possible draft”

    Oct. 28, 2004

    “All students have a harder time getting into the UCs, but the acceptance rates for black and Latino students are abysmally low.”

    — Harry Pachon,

    Tomas Rivera Public Policy Institute president

    “Report: Black, Latino

    acceptance down sharply”

    Nov. 8, 2004

    “People always have the option of voting absentee and don’t have to stand in line at all. [There are] no legal grounds to challenge an election based on long lines.”

    — Caren Daniels-Meade,

    Secretary of state office


    “A.S. to file election


    Nov. 10, 2004

    “People who have been stealing our movies believe they are anonymous on the Internet and wouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. They are wrong.”

    — Dan Glickman,

    MPAA President

    “RIAA, MPAA to sue file


    Nov. 15, 2004

    “[‘Kinsey’] should be nothing more than a nostalgic look back at how sexually ignorant the American public once was. But it isn’t.”

    — Riley Salant-Pearce

    “Controversial Kinsey biopic illustrates Americans’ ambivalence toward sex”

    Nov. 18, 2005

    “With this new governor, it’s the poor kids in the barrios and the ghettos who aren’t getting the education they need. Educating them is not only a nice idea — it’s morally correct.”

    — Representative John Vasconcellos (D-San Jose)

    “State senator blames governor for budget”

    Nov. 18, 2004

    “You stand here and say that this university has quality? Quality is sitting right here but quality is about to leave, because quality can no longer afford to be here … Watch right now as quality walks out of the door.”

    — Christopher Sweeten,

    A.S. President

    “Regents approve fourth year of tuition increases”

    Nov. 22, 2004

    “The parking calculus works by assuming, if a student is late to class because of a parking situation, it inconveniences that student. However, if a professor is late because of a bad parking situation, it inconveniences 200-some students. We have to make sure our professors have a place to park.”

    — Daniel Arovas,

    Transportation Policy

    Committee chair

    “Committee approves reduced student parking”

    Nov. 29, 2004

    “I would hope that faculty, whatever their political persuasions, would teach students, above all, how to think critically. I think most faculty here are interested in this mission, whatever their own political values might be.”

    — Rebecca Klatch,

    UCSD sociology professor

    “Study: Republicans rare among social scientists”

    Dec. 2, 2004

    “All departments are underfunded relative to their true value to UCSD and beyond. To make up the difference, graduate students are used as cheap labor.”

    — Susannah McKay,

    Graduate student,

    biology department

    Letter: “All departments


    January 3, 2005

    “Hopefully those 5,000 voters have learned their lesson and will follow directions more carefully next time.”

    — Marianne Madden

    “Procedural miscues

    overshadow voter intent”

    Jan. 6, 2005

    “The loss of even one qualified student to another nation is one too many.”

    — Maura Harty,

    Assistant secretary of state for consular affairs

    “America’s loss a gain for

    rest of world”

    Jan. 18, 2005

    “NorCal: Park only in designated parking spots, and watch the parking brake and angle of your tires when parking on a hill. SoCal: See a patch of pavement not already occupied by a car? Lucky you — you’ve found a parking spot. Does the spot happen to be in the middle of the road? No problem — just flick on your hazard lights and walk away.”

    — Marianne Madden

    “Getting a car opens up

    brave new world”

    Jan. 18, 2005

    “Our job is to keep the University of California at the top of its game, because we have a responsibility to our state and our society … It’s only that way that California can continue to be the only place in the world where we want to live.”

    — Robert C. Dynes,

    UC president

    “Dynes concludes system tour”

    Jan. 27, 2005

    “Bring UCSD’s greatest accomplishments into the undergraduate classrooms by allowing guest lecturers, or even force researchers to teach an undergraduate course every once in a while.”

    — Brian Uiga

    “Research focus neglects


    Jan. 31, 2005

    “Giving incorrect information about academic requirements is probably the worst offense a representative of the university can commit. This misinformation does a disservice to the new admits and their parents, some of whom were actually taking notes during the tour.”

    — Daniel Watts

    “UCSD myths do a

    disservice to students”

    Feb. 3, 2005

    “I urge anyone who [is] experiencing some sort of ideological intimidation to report it immediately, because it is inappropriate and shouldn’t be happening. But this law won’t fix it.”

    — Ted McCombs,

    former Revelle College

    senior senator

    “Bill would require ban on

    professor indoctrination”

    Feb. 7, 2005

    “Since, at present, half of the senators have been appointed rather than elected, it is apparent that students lack representation to begin with.”


    “Council changes must be

    put to students”

    Feb. 17, 2005

    “I’ve been put into a position to advocate for free speech issues and it’s great that the tool for them has been my penis.”

    — Steve York,

    Koala editor

    “Campus launches

    SRTV inquiry”

    Feb. 24, 2005

    “How could Oscar ignore Paul Giamatti’s performance in ‘Sideways’? He was the heart and soul of one of the most acclaimed pictures of the year.”

    — Christine Clark

    “Biggest Oscar Snub: Paul Giamatti in ‘Sideways’”

    Feb. 24, 2005

    “[The Passion of the Christ] is an emblematic product of 2004 America, whether you feel that means thoughtful resurrection of the Gospels or sensational propaganda that dumbs down the real issues at stake.”

    — Oakley Anderson-Moore

    “The Film You Loved/Hated with the Same Zeal You Love/Hate Bush: ‘The Passion of the Christ’”

    Feb. 24, 2005

    “[Hunter S.] Thompson understood that most of America, from the Kentucky Derby to the Hell’s Angels to even our most exalted carnival, the presidential election, was the same way. Instead of trying to report on it, as most journalists do, with dispassionate, unbiased accounts, Thompson wrote about America as he experienced it: firsthand, fucked up and soaked from gutter to Oval Office with corruption.”

    — Ian S. Port

    “Guardian staff decadent

    and depraved”

    Feb. 24, 2005

    “To gratuitously announce, ‘Hey, we exist!’ sets the gay rights movement back about 10 steps. It’s offensive and inappropriate for any couple to shamelessly make out in public, regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation.”

    — Kelly Gilbert

    “Freedoms don’t have

    to be exercised”

    Feb. 28, 2005

    “We’re privileged to show them the opportunities that can come with college. We’re from a background where [going to] college is assumed. Why can’t they have that opportunity?”

    — Lori Hwangbo,

    John Muir College junior and co-director of the UCSD mentoring program Friends Understanding Needs (F.U.N.)

    “What to do for F.U.N.”

    Feb. 28, 2005

    “Any legitimate practitioners of the holy arts are welcome to have their say, but must be open to criticism of their faith, or they might as well not have any faith at all.”

    — Brian Uiga

    “Price Center preaching

    represented vicious theater,

    not religiosity”

    March 3, 2005

    “[The] broadcast was disgusting and stepped completely beyond the bounds of what might reasonably have been considered political or artistic speech …”

    — Kian Maleki,

    A.S. commissioner of

    student services

    “SRTV pulls plug on York”

    March 7, 2005

    “The Kiss-In was not a demonstration of free expression; it was a celebration of something beyond existence: our love. It was a protest against an attitude that heterosexual PDAs are, at worst, a nuisance, while two dudes kissing on Library Walk are ‘a freak show.’”

    — Lorie Delizo, Alice Johnson, Louise Ly, Kevin Mann, Rigo Marquez,Ted McCombs, Laura Yamaguchi,

    QPOC principal members

    Letter: “Heteronormativity needs to be challenged”

    March 7, 2005

    “Most faculty members are responsible, courteous, professional educators, but a growing number — both liberal and conservative — run their classrooms as if managing little Abu Ghraibs.”

    — Bill Morrow,

    California state senator (R-38) and author, California Senate Bill 5, the “Student Bill of Rights”

    “Students’ academic

    freedom at risk”

    March 28, 2005

    “If you look at the Master Plan for this university inside its glass case in Urey Hall, you’ll notice there are 12 colleges projected, but not much parking. The trouble is … San Diego is not New York, nor Boston.”

    — Carol Freire

    “UCSD Master Plan out

    of step with our Southern

    California location”

    March 31, 2005

    “I just hope that Chris can lead this school. … If I didn’t vote for myself, I would’ve voted for him. I’d much rather have him win than Kevin Hanson or Daniel Watts.”

    — Keshav “Kiki” Boddula,

    independent candidate

    “Sweeten wins, with Watts

    trailing in second”

    April 11, 2005

    “Throughout American history, discrimination has been enforced by law and upheld by the courts. This [issue] is about the dignity of two people who want to express their devoted love to each other.”

    — Gavin Newsom,

    San Francisco mayor

    “Newsom defends licenses”

    April 14, 2005

    “Granted, it’s the responsibility of the individual student to care about student government. But maybe it would be worthwhile for the council to sit down and assess how to really reach out to the campus.”

    — Evelyn Hsieh

    “Saving the world, saving outreach or saving its image: What is the proper direction for the new A.S. Council?”

    April 14, 2005

    “We will not stand for the increases. Screw the compact. I’m fed up that we have to miss class just to fight to make education accessible.”

    — Rigo Marquez,

    Vice president of external affairs

    “Students protest fees, budget”

    April 21, 2005

    “While the university languishes and students struggle under the weight of budget cuts and rising tuition, Langley spent six months working on behalf of already privileged elites. His time would have been better spent raising money that would better the university.”

    — Editorial

    “U-House fund-raising project a waste of time”

    April 21, 2005

    “I’m getting in trouble for having a Janet Jackson song and Usher. Usher is walking around with my college tuition on his wrist!”

    — anonymous UCSD student

    with an IP address listed in the recent RIAA lawsuit

    “Lack of guilt over illegal file-sharing ensures the failure

    of RIAA lawsuits”

    April 21, 2005

    “As a university, we place a very high value on free speech. That’s vital to the life of the university in order for the students, faculty and staff in our community to form their own personal opinions after hearing varied aspects of an issue.”

    — Chancellor Marye

    Anne Fox

    “Fox rejects bid to block lecture”

    April 25, 2005

    “How can we make change if I have no power? If the people in the union cannot make changes, how can I? Give us ideas. Give us power.”

    — Carlos Cerecero,

    OceanView Terrace cook

    “The state of the union”

    May 9, 2005

    “Although many may lump Ludacris into the nondescript genre of mainstream rap, Luda tends to break the mold more often than conforming; just ask Bill O’Reilly, who engaged in a verbal sparring match with the rapper that resulted in the loss of Luda’s Pepsi endorsement.”

    — Adam Staley

    “Ludacris set to headline 23rd annual Sun God festival”

    May 12, 2005

    “Eric [Steidlmayer] has done a great job putting everyone together. I have been amazed at how well everyone has come together into a really solid team. This could possibly be one of the best recruiting classes.

    – Eric Oijala,

    UCSD junior tennis player

    “Men’s tennis heads

    to Nationals”

    May 12, 2005

    “The one thing that UCSD lacks to me — besides a football team — is community. Sun God brings out that college community. How many times a year am I going to see all of the underclassmen on the field?”

    — Peter Hogue,

    John Muir College freshman “Approximately 15,000 come to Sun God concert”

    May 16, 2005

    “I think a good and serious student will look beyond an accent. It should not be an issue. In an academic setting, what is important is the content of a lecture.”

    — David Forman-Barzilai

    Political science professor “Professors’ English under


    May 16, 2005

    “Scientific inquiry should not proceed unfettered, without consideration for the ethical and public-policy imperatives of the society in which it operates.”

    — Jonathan D. Moreno and

    Richard O. Hynes,

    Co-chairs, National Academy

    of Science committee

    on stem cell research

    “The new stem cell debate”

    May 23, 2005

    “It is perfectly consistent of him to have withdrawn his name for consideration. That deference to faculty and student judgment is what made him so effective and also what has made UCSD a great educational institution. It is the reason, above all others, that we ought to have Atkinson College.”

    — Sanford Lakoff

    “Richard Atkinson still a good choice as the namesake of UCSD’s sixth college”

    May 31, 2005

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